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Photo @jasonedwardsng The bulging eyes of a Gunter's Banded Tree Frog. For me, rainforests at night are a wonder. Every leaf and every shadow holds a new species impossible to identify and too many to photograph! @rainforestalliance #wildlifephotography #macrophotography @natgeoau #kermit #amazon


Photo @jasonedwardsng Snow Leopard have the softest paws of any cat I’ve ever worked with. The down on their pads which protects their paws from the frigid cold is so silky, you just want to curl up in the dense fur. Which is also part of the reason they are hunted by poachers and their numbers continue to decline. This beautiful female is a friend from my past. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers @natgeoau @natgeofineart @natgeomuseum #instacat #catlover #snowleopard #wildlifephotography #blackandwhitephotography #himalayancat #bigcat @conservationorg @instagram @cats_of_instagram @catsofinstagram


Moonrise over the prang of the Phra Maha Chedi rising into the clear night sky. An ancient Buddhist temple complex in Bangkok, Wat Pho is an exceptional location to explore and soak up the history of this incredible region. @natgeoau @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #buddha #buddhist #bangkok #documentaryphotography #travelphotography #fisheye #nightphotography @instagram @bbc_travel @nytimestravel @natgeotravel @natgeo #instatravel #explore

Wat Pho

It would be fair to say Spotted Hyena and Vultures are not the best of friends. Then again hyena are not necessarily the type of mates you can rely on even if you’re a Spotted Hyena! Life in the pack is incredibly competitive but the constant battles make them a strong and resilient species. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers @natgeoau #safari #serengeti @conservationorg @greatplainsconservation #lionking


Sunday Tern. Just like the wing beats of these amazing little birds, life moves rapidly. Enjoy your day! @natgeoau @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative #birdphotography #wildlifephotography @natgeofineart #arctic


Celebrating International Women’s Day. Thanking everyone I’ve been privileged to know and work with; for the laughter, tears, friendship, wisdom and guidance. I know I’m a handful sometimes and definitely a work in progress but where would I be, where would we all be, without you! @natgeoau @natgeocreative #internationalwomensday #together #us @ilcp_photographers @natgeotravel #womenempowerment


Iceland and waterfalls go hand in hand. They exhibit different faces in different seasons, and under the variable weather conditions that ravage this remote country. Don’t get bogged down googling what other photographers have captured of a location, all that does is make you mimic their work. We all hope for more time, nice weather and great light but it doesn’t always pan out. Turn up, enjoy the moment and grab an interesting frame or two! @natgeoau @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers @natgeotravel #iceland #landscapephotography #landscapelovers #instadaily #waterfall #waterfallwednesday @nikonaustralia #d5 @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions


Puppy love! Dingo pups playing inside a hollow log testing their strength and stamina. Debate exists in Australia about the future and role of dingoes in the environment; and also their genetics, with many regions claiming that they have the purist population. Share the love! @natgeocreative @natgeoau @ilcp_photographers @australiangeographic @australia #seeaustralia #australiagram #puppylove #babyanimals #instapuppy #doglover #wildlifephotography #playtime #dingo #wildlifephotographer @natgeo @natgeomuseum @natgeofineart @natgeotravel


There are times when you come across a human face that speaks beyond the wearers years; a face born of community forged over countless millennia. And then sometimes it’s just a smile. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #portraitphotography #documentaryphotography #aboriginal #instasmile @natgeoau @conservationorg #outback @australia #seeaustralia #community @natgeomuseum @natgeofineart @natgeotravel @nikonaustralia #smile #tribal


Always look behind you. A golden rule in photography and in life, especially if the rest of the world plans to eat you! For a young Flap-necked Chameleon crossing open ground can be a perilous journey. Always remember birds of prey are intelligent and curious, if you draw attention to something they may well turn that something into lunch after you leave. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers @natgeoau #macrophotography #wildlifephotography #chameleon #southafrica #lookbehindyou #reptilesofinstagram @bbcearth @bbc_travel @conservationorg @greatplainsconservation

Kruger National Park

I found this image on my phone, it’s from my very first international magazine commission decades ago. Working for a client whilst managing budgets and timelines is a totally different way of photographing, they put you on a plane for a reason! It’s a cliche to say it seems like yesterday, but it quite literally does. That’s a good thing given the miles I do every year, always strive to stay fresh and enjoy the journey. @ilcp_photographers @natgeoau @natgeocreative #landscapephotography #desert #landscapelovers #stayfresh #travelmemories #namibia


Is it just me or is everyone happy it’s Friday? Happy to kiss this week of mobile assignment dates and editorial indecision out the door. Looking forward to reading and a movie! @natgeoau @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative #tgif #bigcat #instacat #catlover #sleepy #weekendvibes #yawningcat #restandrelaxation #catsrule