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I was asked today by a student what I loved about photography. My immediate response was that it helps me to see the world differently and to see the minutia, the little things, and not just the grand vistas. King Fern frond tip. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #macrophotography #naturallight #landscapephotography #lessismore @natgeofineart


Listening to lion at night triggers primeval instincts in even the most hardened city slicker. Their territorial bellows remind us where we fit in the greater web of life, and why we need to protect the worlds wilderness regions and the species that inhabit them. If you want this kind of angle you need to sit on the ground and let the cats come to you! @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #nightphotography #lionking #wildlifephotography #instacat #catsofinstagram #catsrule @bbc_travel #getlow @natgeochannel


Smile it’s the weekend! #friendship #islandlife #happiness


Flashback to backlit morning silk on the way for a surf. Always keep your eyes peeled for roadside images, it’s amazing how often something worthy is near at hand. You don’t need to jump a long haul flight to be creative, use your depth-of-field to sculpt the scene. I recently saw this image used as a 3D bookmark for sale in the National Geographic store in Washington. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #macrophotography #spiderweb #spiderman @natgeofineart #wildlifephotography @wildlifeplanet #firstlight #peaceandquiet


Sadly, I’ve re-cracked one of my broken ribs whilst sneezing. 😭 😣 Therefore I’m having a lazy day that will definitely involve chips and almost certainly wine. Don’t judge me and don’t hate me for posting this kitten that I captured a few days ago. Let’s face it, no matter what we say we all love kittens! #kittensofinstagram #catlover @natgeocreative #catstagram #lazyday #lazycat #islandlife #timeout #dayoff


A juvenile Grey Reef Shark patrolling the clear, warm depths of the Tuamotu Archipelago. This is the only region where I’ve seen healthy shark populations, in part due to initiatives by local communities and also by the remoteness of the region. This image and my experience here, makes me wonder how long this will last. @ilcp_photographers @natgeo @natgeocreative #sharkconservation #onassignment @conservationorg @natgeopristineseas @instagram #sharklove #bigblue #underwaterphotography @seacam_official


I heard today that it’s snowing down south. As I look across the canopy of palm and coconut trees lining the valley floor below me it seems like a distant memory. I hope you’re staying warm or cool, wherever you are. Life can be a lot like f-stops, the closer you get to an object the less is in focus. Time for a few days sleep post-assignment. @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #winterwonderland #islandlife #pacificislands #bigpicture @natgeofineart #lessismore #jasonedwards


My mind often wanders to the deep desert of our magnificent continent. The tortured, ancient landscape that consumes rock and flesh in equal measure. Red Kangaroo in flight. #loveaustralia @australia #kangaroo @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative @natgeofineart @natgeomuseum #desertlife @bbc_travel #missinghome


Frigate birds are notoriously adept at harassing other seabirds who have recently fed, forcing them to release or even regurgitate their catch. The Frigate then swoops down at incredible speed to catch the food before it hits the ocean surface. Sometimes they have large hungry chicks on shore to feed! @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #birdlovers #birdphotography #coralsea #islandlife #wildlifephotography


When you’re on the road for extended periods it’s hard not to miss those places that centre you when you’re home. A wide beach painted by a pastel winter storm is on my mind now. #thinkingofhome @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers @natgeofineart #peace #timeout #landscapelovers


Here’s looking at you kid! The aptly, albeit unimaginably named, Red-eyed Tree Frog. A popular subject to photograph given the striking contrast between eye and flesh colour. Ive not shot them often but every time I attempt to mix up my f-stops to create a mix of depth of field to highlight different elements. #macrophotography #instafrog @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative @conservationorg #wildlifephotography #animalface @natgeomuseum @natgeofineart @australia


Looking down on yours truly free diving in a freshwater limestone cave. It’s a little bit of ‘mind-over-matter’, and a lot of ‘be responsible’. Finding the surface can be difficult because ceiling reflections mimic the submerged cave roof. Always keep a little breath in reserve! Pic by @alyssamadler #onassignment @natgeocreative @ilcp_photographers #cavediving @natgeoadventure #freediving #staycalm #extremesports @nikonaustralia