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Baseball player for the Cleveland Indians. SunDevil. Blackhawks fan.

Happy Father’s Day pops! Lucky to have you


NBA FINALS Game 3!!! #PlayersOnly #dontcountoutTheLand!


Just a couple guys talkin’ about doin something realllll serious! 😂😂 What a comeback win! Props to all the fans who stuck it out with us in that 🌞! #itslikeacircle #Cookie&KipChronicles #nevergiveuponTheLand


A good way to finish the long road trip! Excited to get back to Cle and hear we got some good weather joining us! See y’all out there tomorrow! #216 (photo cred- @swallball 🙄)


Happy Mother’s Day!!




Puerto Rico and Baltimore have been a fun road trip but I’m happy to get home tonight after the game! PR was an awesome experience for everyone and Camden and the aquarium never get old!... but get me back to Cle! I don’t care how cold it is! #puffinwashowingoffforthecamera #lightfestivalaroundhotel -edit: been told it’s warm in Cle! It’ll drop back down to 50s but I’ll take that!


2 weeks!! Can’t say I’ve ever been this excited for a movie to come out! #infinitywar #newtshirt #canwemakebattinggloveslikethis?? @avengers


The difference between Midwest players and these soft warm state players! #tshirtweather #sunsoutletsdothis #❄️🌞⚾️


Thank you to everyone for the Birthday texts, calls, messages... very excited for 31 and all it has in store for me! Thank you for the love! #bigplansthisyear #young31


Happy World Autism Awareness Day!! Will be wearing these guys tonight on ESPN then auctioning them off to a charity that benefits Autism to help some friends! #lightitupblueforautism