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Legendary bassist. Metal Ambassador. Full length NEWSTED album HEAVY METAL MUSIC available on 8/6!

WHAT'S UP FRIENDS? Happy Holidaze to all!!! I've been enjoying some serious creative time away from the Touring/recording world...making pictures & rockin some FUN, LOUD freeform music with some old & new acquaintances...CHEERS!!! LISTEN TO METAL!!! J


RIGHT ON & RIDE ON!!!! My boy Joey & I headin out to thrash the mountainside!! I've been a quad freak most of my life & now we have some killer hi performance machines that are SO BADASS!! Today we're ridin Can Am & Yamaha. LISTEN TO METAL!! J #metal #listentometal #newsted


RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME!!! I Found this awesome 60's Sears Silvertone Sunburst 2 pickup Beauty at a local pawn shop this week!! Sounds amazingly pure thru amp in case & plays KILLER!!! Gonna crank up some SICK NOISY NOISE & Fuck up the Neighbors & let 'em know It's good to be Alive!! Cheers to all my Brothers & Sisters!! Have a Great Day!!! LISTEN TO METAL. J #newsted #metal


YYYEEAARRGGHH!! Metal is alive!!! Check out the bloody aftermath of last
week's video shoot!! Bleedin' for the music!! Hell Yes!! Cheers. J
#metalisalive #newsted


WHAT?? WHAT'S THAT? You want it louder? Megawatt bass action!! Have a
good one. J #music #metal #newsted


CHECK IT OUT!!! We come across some cool shit when we re-organize around
here!!! This awesome fan made art from 1992 is one of the best pieces in
my collection. So good to see it again!! LISTEN TO METAL. J #jasonnewsted #newsted #listentometal


WOOOHOOO!! Delirium has set in for sure! I miss Mikey! Check this out, man, 2001 Cover of the rolling stone & #1 on rock charts!! Fukkin Killin it!! Respect. J #staind #jasonnewsted #listentometal


Beautiful day at the Chophouse. I'm looking forward to rockin with Papa Wheelie mark 4 tonight loud as Fukk!! Keepin the chops up in downtime from NEWSTED for a coupla weeks. Have a good one Brothers & Sisters! KEEP THE METAL ALIVE!! J


THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! To all of our Metal Brothers & Sisters around the globe for supporting NEWSTED on our first world tour!!! We feel Grateful & Victorious!!! and We hope that you all are as thankful as we are to have the privilege & opportunity to share our genuine old school Metal, good and loud together!!!!! Our first album; HEAVY METAL MUSIC is available everywhere NOW!!! #1 Amazon #3 Itunes & top 40 in charts worldwide!!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING HEAVY METAL MUSIC ALIVE !!! CHEERS!!! J LISTEN TO METAL #newsted #metal #jasonnewsted


Fffukkkk yyyeeeaaahh People!!! HEAVY METAL MUSIC is Alive and available now!!! Please help us celebrate the release by picking up a copy!!! and NYC fans come and join Hammerstein Ballroom tonight 7pm with Gigantour! Doors open at 6. Cya there!!! J

Click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/heavy-metal-music/id667605733


NEWSTED METALHEADS!!! Our interview with @josemangin from Liquid Metal will be airing tonight at 8pm on @siriusxm!!!


Heavy Metal Music is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!