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Spring bones. Defend the Sacred Ak. #defendthesacred

Nikolai, Alaska

In a remote Kayapo village deep in the Amazon rainforest, the mining industry, modern world and all of its trappings are coming her way. In this portrait session last fall I wanted to shield her from everything she would grow up to - there was too much fragility in her that designs and connects us all. But then again, ha, I also realized she could probably grow into handling all that better than most of us ever could. Who was I to take that away from the universe? Happy International Women's Day. #internationalwomensday


Nat Geo Explorer @earthheiress positions a flower in memory of a deceased vaquita. This is what the anthropocene looks like when dedicated citizens, scientists, diplomats, artists and children gather to mourn for a species other than our own.

The root of this extinction lies in the stories we have been telling ourselves about progress. The only way to begin to unravel this myth is for us to become better storytellers.
I remain human, unashamed, but entirely responsible. Honored to shoot and represent @wildfoundation for this event with @vancegmartin @earthheiress @cttobin and @tashka_yawanawa

Mexico City, Mexico

A shoutout to the village dogs who never turn down adventures. The ones who revel in the unexpected turns and also rejuvenate your spirit. This brilliant red resilient one is Kobuk.

Minto, Alaska

After the countdown fades, the cameras and crowds disappear and then finally, all we can do is live for is the trail. #Iditarod2018 officially starts tomorrow. On behalf of @jessie_holmes__ and Cant Stop Kennels, thank you @seafursewing and @nonstopdogwear for helping us get there.

Anchorage, Alaska

We will be marching tomorrow in Mexico City in honorarium of the vaquita, a small porpoise about to become extinct as a result of illegal fishing, trafficking and human indifference. La procesión includes 150 key conservation figures as well as artists, scientists, shaman and children, who will safeguard a vaquita skull to a sculpture of Patricio Robles Gil in Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology.
We will walk to bear witness and provide a reality check that the human species is the cause of the biological annihilation in the planet's sixth mass extinction.
There is still time. There is still hope.
And if not, I’m going to help film the best damn obituary that this modern plastic world will know.
Come join us. Link in bio for details. @wildfoundation

Anthropology Museum

Something to do. Something to fight for. Someone that brings you a special balance in it all. Happy Valentines Day to all your labors of love. 🐺🏔️❤️

Denali National Park

In dog mushing you are forced to reconcile with your human nonsense many times a day. You realize, these dogs, they have no doubt. They trust the universe in a way the rational mind can’t fathom. Gazing out on a fresh trail into the unknown they say, let’s blaze with ultimate exhilaration and camaraderie. Surround yourself with the people who are like the dogs.

Denali National Park

The Paving Tundra project had the opportunity to spend time in the six Athabascan/Inupiaq villages along the proposed Ambler Road corridor. These are the people who will be most impacted by its development. Thank you Stuart for your strength and understanding in sharing your story. We have so much to learn from you. There is still time to take action and submit comments TODAY to the BLM who will be producing the EIS in the near future. Link in Bio 👆🏔️🐟🐺🙌

Allakaket, Alaska

Now is your chance to use your voice and tell the BLM, that the proposed Ambler Road is not an option for the State of Alaska. The BLM is accepting comments through January 31st for the EIS. We have just released five short videos to inspire the world to take action and submit their comments of concern for the livelihoods and wilderness integrity of the Brooks Range. There are few shreds of intact areas that are reminiscent of a once wild America, and when this goes, there is no other.
Go to brooksrange.org to submit your comments. Link in Bio👆👆🏻👆🏽👆🏿On behalf of team Paving Tundra, the Brooks Range Council and the five village councils en route and directly opposed to this development, Baasee’ Taikuu, Thank You. And of course, all gratitude to Granda Steve and Stuart for their interviews, @jamesqmartin @tom_attwater_media @lanebrownmedia @milesforbreakfast for making this one possible.


"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk then crawl, but do whatever you can to keep moving forward." Thinking of the MLK legacy today and thankful for all the change makers, light bringers and truth seekers out there committing to the grind. #gratitude


“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” seemed to be my mantra for 2017. Here’s to letting that shit go and being enlightened. And here’s a pretty sunset.

Planet Earth