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Visited Pinnacles National Park to find one of the rarest birds in the world, the California condor. These birds were declared extinct in the wild in 1987. The Peregrine Fund started breeding them in captivity and released them into the wilds of Arizona, Utah and California. Now their numbers are over 400.

Every one of these condors has a color-coded numbered tag to help researchers keep track of individuals, and each bird has a unique story. This one, Purple606, was born to wild parents, but the egg was taken to the LA zoo where it was hatched on 4/22/11. He was released in 2013, and made the condor biologists' job stress-free by safely perching in a tree and finding food on his first day. He has easily integrated into the flock since then, making regular flights to and from Pinnacles and Big Sur. My first time seeing condors didn't disappoint!


Enjoying the California sun with some sea lions (and pelicans and cormorants, too!). #sealions #sunning #mammalsofinstagram #jennieofthejungle #sealofapproval #meditations


What a way to start off my California road trip! Stopped at Turtle Bay to visit a friend and met some happy critters, including this adorable ambassador beaver, Timber. This guy weighs almost 50 pounds!

Thanks, Sharon for giving me the grand tour. You can meet Timber too, and some of their other education animals, by purchasing a behind the scenes experience at Turtle Bay. All the funds raised go straight toward the animals.
Disclaimer: This rescued beaver lives in a large, clean, and comfortable exhibit and is trained with only positive reinforcement. He is given the choice whether or not to interact with humans. I don't condone the exploitation of animals in any regard and all of the animals I work/am pictured with are treated *very* well.


One of the perks of scouting for wildlife projects to work with is that I often have animals shoved into my arms, sometimes unexpectedly. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This guy is a rescue from the green iguana project in Belize.
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There is only spot left for my One Week in Elephant Town volunteer trip happening next January. And I've added a 7-day trekking and sightseeing tour of beautiful Burma.
Can't wait to return to Thailand and can't wait for ellies!!!! Come travel while giving back with meeee! โ™กโ™กโ™ก

P.S. I only work with legit conservation projects, so rest assured you will truly be making a difference.


I couldn't NOT repost this adorable photo of a baby screech owl in a cup.
It's being weighed as part of a nest monitoring project with Hawkwatch Int. Thanks @floatingfeather for the photo!
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It's spring! And that means many wildlife rescue centers are getting orphaned baby birds for rehabilitation, like these playful and precocious baby blue jays who will eventually be released back into the wild. I love watching them learn and grow! ๐Ÿ˜

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Appropriately hanging out with bunnies this Easter.
Have a beautiful day, everyone!๐Ÿ˜ #sundayfunday #lazysundays #bunniesworldwide #bunniesofig


Sometimes great things come in small packages. This Merlin has it all - looks, personality, and ferocious killing ability! ๐Ÿคฃ
I love these #raptors!

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When was the last time you saw something this cute? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ .
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"She was free in her wildness.
She was a wandress,
a drop of free water.
She belonged to no man
and to no city." -Roman Payne
The Wandress

Photo by @krakkaduune
We have fun with the camera.

#wandress #nature_seekers #earthlover #womanwanderer #womenwhotravel #nomadlife #sanddunes #desertdwellers


Time out to talk about Thailand! I only have 3 spots left for my January 2019 elephant volunteer trip to Chiang Mai, where we will stay with a remote hill tribe and help care for their rescued elephants who roam freely. We will feed them, interact with them, and give them jungle walks daily, while helping teach the kids English and enjoying home cooked meals. .
I take care of flights, lodging, most meals, and elephants, so you just have to show up ready for adventure. I offer payment plans, too! This trip will come with an optional 7-day tour of neighboring Burma, which will be a beautiful discovery of temples, trekking, and culture. .
Come travel with me!

Photo by Jennifer Ilene Photography on my last elephant volunteer trip. โ™ก


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