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Brand Reign Maker👑Femmefluence Founder. I help bizs get seen+heard+paid and demystify what it takes to be a successful #entrepreneur. I❤️my fam+49ers.

California sunshine’s 🌞 got me cheesin’ and happy from ear to ear. #SantaBarbara has brave, subtly strong energy, especially after all it’s been through this year.
As I pass through this land, serving up the VIP Strategy days and supporting CEOs grow their triple bottom line with strategies and systems that have helped me make and impact millions these past 3 years, I always bring extra prosperity boosters: #citrine for abundance and #dragon #quartz (#whoa) for extra heat on those goals.
Off to the next adventure! What are you up to today?


The new hand calligraphy tote I’m debuting for #MomentumPro #Mastermind. Do you like?


A ✨gorgeous, magical day✨ with one of my favorite humans to celebrate her birthday, with stunning views of The Bay. For me, San Francisco is the best city in the world; diverse, open, smart AF people and so many things to see, do, enjoy. And I love a city where I can wear layers because jackets are pretty much collecting dust in Honolulu for me. And #duh: the #49ers 🏈 and #GoldenStateWarriors 🏀.
Making time for fruitful relationships is one of my focus areas. Being busy in running businesses and life is an opportunity to really choose depth over surface. It’s something my introverted heart and wide, open spirit craves and fuels my passion for an aligned life. #Femmefluence


I ❤️❤️❤️ my new #Femmefluence burlap+vegan leather tote. I brought it to spa day and lunch with @jadahsellner today, and I can use it for #WholeFoods run tomorrow. Should I make more of them for you? 🤔 let me know so I can decide to design more for the people. 🤙🏼💋👜👑


#OnTheRoad #OnPurpose
Reflecting on how happy I am on the plane and not packing my bags anymore.
😂 and #gratitude for what’s on my plate for the next week, VIP days with clients (oh the brand strategies and systems we will create!), speaking on entrepreneurial stages about my favorite topic - #Branding using #Archetypes and the #AllOfMe concert with @jlo and my team. 💃🏻
🛫 San Francisco
🛫 Santa Barbara
🛫 Las Vegas
🛫 FAVORITE: #Home to Honolulu and Memorial Day Weekend with #Micky, #Stitch and #Moana @disneyaulani because Disney in Hawaii is #mobettah in our #ohana🌴
#letsgo ✈️
#LoveMyLife #LoveMyLife #LikeAMoPro


Growing up, I always admired my mom’s ridiculously strong, long, gorgeous natural nails. I wanted so badly to inherit them, but I had a massive nail-biting habit that stemmed from high anxiety as a young girl, and a fear of failing and being accepted by others (I was a different kid than most others around me). I pretty much said to myself: “oh well, that’s just something I’m never going to have”, chalking it up to my inability to stop biting my nails. Plus the added, “who cares about that anyway?” - even though I really did. 😔
I had that nail-biting habit all the way until I had my second daughter in my late 20s, but I had damaged my cuticles and nails so badly, they peeled and broke and just didn’t look healthy.
One day i was just done with my nasty-ass fingers. They made me sad when I looked at them. So I DECIDED. I changed the way I ate. Took supplements. Stopped making putting my nails against my teeth one of my nervous habits. DECIDING = DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
And now, I’ve got Anita’s (my mom) nails! 😁 Bottom line: when you put effort into something, your results show on the other side. I get asked a lot if my nails are real and what makes me giggle is my mom used to get asked that all the time when I was younger, and I was always awestruck when strangers would pay her compliments. She’s always thought that I was a rebel and didn’t care as much about those things, but she’s the one person I look to for perseverance, goal-setting, loyalty, and fierce Leo focus. Her nails are a symbol of strength I wanted to emulate. And now I have them. Thanks Mom, they’re strong after all! 💅🏼💪
It’s Mother’s Day week - and my mom is definitely a woman to celebrate.
P.S. my mom also has one of the most magical Filipina attributes too: no hair on her body except Cher-like black hair on her head (which my daughter Jordan inherited #lucky) and zero body odor. Yes people, my mom doesn’t have to shave or use deodorant! I’m sad to report these are things I absolutely did not inherit. Oh well, I gamefied the nail situation! #WinningNotWinning 🤷🏻‍♀️ #WelcomeToMyPage #LikeaMoPro


This bitmoji for the absolutely 100% Filipino Mom that I am when my husband sends me photos of the toddler boy’s field trip at school. 😳 Some would call this cute; this Asian Mom is like “who is this girl and why is she trying to claim my son?” 😂 Real Filipino mommies know what I’m talking about. 😉 #TooCute #TooYoung #AsianMom #LoveMyKids


💚Scarcity Thinking vs. Abundance Thinking💚
I’ve definitely been lured by the left side of this table at times. But my hoarding and keeping what I know from others has never nurtured me; and it certainly hasn’t helped me grow my business. Be honest: where can you improve on your Abundance Mindset? It always starts with ourselves. ♥️
#transformation #abundance #mindset #success #fortunefavorsthebrave


Surround yourself with the people who you need to learn from and who you want in your space. When I started to understand the power of #COMMUNITY ... my sense of longing for true connection (especially as an introverted person) was not just met, but fed. Find your people. Give your best to them. And receive their support. Building a business successfully requires other humans. Loving life does too. #GameRecognizeGame #Momentum #MakeItHappen #LikeaMoPro


Repetition is the mother of mastery. Most of us don’t learn and get real results without putting in the reps.
Every day I don’t just show up for my business, I’m entering the Entrepreneurial Gym...and I see those muscles in marketing, sales, operations, communication, leadership and mindset grow when I put those reps in. When I don’t, the muscles atrophy and my momentum is stalled. When I put some discipline around my desires, they become real a whole lot faster.
Do you need to do more time in the Entrepreneurial Gym? If so, which area do you need to put those reps in?
#Momentum #Entrepreneur #GoPro #MakeItHappen #DisciplineEqualsFreedom


Many of you have sent messages wondering how my family, team and I are doing with eruption of Kilauea 🌋 on the Big Island of Hawai’i. 75% of people who live in Hawai’i are located on the island of O’ahu, where the capital Honolulu is located. Pretty far away, but still heavy on our hearts for those that have had to be evacuated and have already lost their homes in the lava path. Our lungs and eyes and skin, however, at least mine, are feeling the effects of the Vog (volcanic fog) that’s blown towards Honolulu by the Kona winds.
Now...let’s talk about Pele, Goddess of Fire and New Beginnings - whom is attributed to volcanic eruption in Hawai’i. Although I live in Hawai’i, grew up the 3rd generation of Filipino laborers who were brought here by the plantation bosses of sugar and pineapple, and have chosen this as the place to raise my children, I am not ethnically Hawaiian. And so my take on this is from a place of observation and appreciation of how awe-inspiring Mother Nature works, and the symbolic Archetypes that are physically here and demonstrating how mighty nature is.
Growing up, we were told ancient stories of how Pele erupts when a cleansing needs to be had; to restore order and to bring new, fresh soil to things that need rebirth. That through the angry, red-hot lava, on the other side is a peace and purpose that’s ultimately demonstrates how out-of-control we really are, and that accepting that is part of it all. We also were taught that when Pele got pissed, it was a sign to wake up and a balance is needed to be restored.
If these photos indicate that Goddess Pele is wanting to be seen and heard, she’s sending the message loud and clear. It’s been said that she always shows herself with every eruption. From these photos, what do you think?
Change is the only constant in life. Use your passion and fire for what you care about, and double down on what you’re committed to changing in your own life; others will have no choice but to stay where they are or go with you.
#Femmefluence #Rise #Change #WakeUp #MotherNature


When you meet other women who want to rise with you, invite them to the table. When you meet other women who have different views than you, invite them to the table too. But don’t just invite them to sit - let them know you will stand with them. Because without being open to the truth that all of us operate under very unique worldviews, and all of the emotions and facts that support it, we’ll never lead and heal together. My mission heals the bullied past I used to resent; and it also gives me hope that my daughters and son live in a world where they see their opportunity to be their best, included selves. #YouCanSitWithUs #Femmefluence


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