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Thank you @igkhair for always keeping my hair silky and healthy!#igkpartner


Jen Selter

Making reservations here this winter... Who wants to join me?!


Jen Selter

Being forced to slow down and recover while being stuck in bed this week gave me the opportunity to practice positive thinking and relaxation. It's easy to just feel bad for yourself, but when you start thinking about others and the world around, you start to feel gratitude. Gratitude for the people around you, for the opportunities in-front and behind you, and for just waking up in the morning. Find something to smile about, life is too short, you never know what tomorrow brings.


Jen Selter

I am all about balance and moderation when it comes to what I put in my body. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can't curb your sweet tooth fix. I LOVE açaí bowls- @idreamaboutfood is my alter ego 😝 What kind of recipes do you want to see next? #CookingWithJ
Bowl 1: 💜Frozen açaí Pack 🍓Strawberries 💚Spinach 🍍Pineapple🥜Almond Butter🥛Oat Milk.
Toppings: 🍌Banana 🍓Strawberries
🥄Granola 🥥Coconut Shreds

Bowl 2:
💜Frozen açaí Pack🍓Strawberries💚Spinach💙Blueberries🍌Banana🥜Almond butter🥛Oat Milk
Toppings: 🍌Banana 🍓Strawberries
🥄Matcha Granola 🥥Coconut Shreds


Jen Selter

Happy birthday to my best friend @mamaselter!! Thank you for always standing by my side and believing in me! You have taught me how to be strong, independent and loving. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and hope you have the most amazing day. Can’t wait to snuggle and watch a movie later with you ❤ Now go show @mamaselter some birthday love 🎂


Jen Selter

Wishing I was here instead of recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out ☺️


Jen Selter

What you focus your energy on expands and grows. It is so important to think positively and be grateful everyday. Every moment, step, and breath is a miracle. Even our most difficult challenges in life can teach us our greatest lessons. Stay grateful and in the moment fam 🙌🏻


Jen Selter

Who’s ready for a #JenSelterSquatChallenge ?! 1. Try a few of these squat variations
2. Post yourself or a friend doing it on IG story
3. Tag me in the story- I’ll be reposting :) Can’t wait to see which moves you pick!! Let’s get motivated together💪 🎵On Me - Meek Mill ft. Cardi B


Jen Selter

BURRRR. It’s chillllly in the streets of NY. Where are you from?!


Jen Selter

You are the only person that stands in your way of achieving greatness. Not your friends, not the people you follow on social media, but the person staring back at you in the mirror. Define your own greatness and then fight to be better than you were yesterday.  Find inspiration in others, lean on friendships for advice, but remember, your only competition is yourself, so outrun, outperform, and over achieve the person you were yesterday.


Jen Selter

Double trouble 👭 @stephselter #Seltering


Jen Selter

You are unique so embrace it and be the best YOU! I used to always compare myself to others and I can tell you right now that it does nothing for you! If you compare yourself to others you will feel bad about yourself! REMEMBER you are beautiful, and there is only ONE you! Happy Sunday fam ❤️