Jered Gruber@jeredgruber

Riding bikes and taking pictures.

The Tour de France happened today, and we were nowhere near the decisive moment - we were many kilometers earlier in the stage on one of our favorite pieces of road in Europe. We missed all the real action, but I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather have spent the afternoon. This will always be the road where I really understood just how much I love my friends - a sunrise ride across that dam with a crew of my favorite people a few summers ago. It’s branded in my memory, and I can’t think of the Col du Pré and the Roselend Dam without thinking of that morning. I miss home. I’m ready to go home now. #tdf


I loved watching the yellow jersey on the attack yesterday - such a rare, fantastic occurrence. What a ride, @gregvanavermaet. #givekudos #tdf


Through the tunnel of stones, pain, noise, chaos. Repeat 15 times. #tdf


Dirty, tired, done - the way it always is in Roubaix. #tdf


That old train was the hottest, noisiest, smelliest spot I’ve ever taken a picture. And I’d go back in a second. I felt like a little kid sitting in the conductor’s seat, trying not to touch all the dials.


When I was a little kid, I spent hours and hours with my face pressed up against the pages of a never-ending stream of Where’s Waldo books. I loved them. I still do. It’s probably why I like this picture. #tdf


I was happy when I took this picture. The lady with the flowing pants smiled a calm, warm smile, the place smelled of incense and candles, the door opened in that nice way, and the shot that I had been running to was kind of forgotten. I went in. I don’t know if I will remember much of today in ten years, let alone in a week, but I do know that I will remember this little shop. #tdf


30 meters to go - just right for Gaviria, 30 too many for Greipel. #tdf


Understandably, the French teams do not lack in support along the roads of France - and from my ears (and eyes), no team enjoys more cheers, claps, shouts of encouragement, and general happy vibes thrown their way than @ag2rlamondiale_procyclingteam. #allezalm #tdf


Yellow for a day, but I don’t think it will be @fernandogaviriarendon’s last time in the Maillot Jaune. #tdf


Lunchtime viewing. #tdf