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Full moon in the tropics. 🌚


It’s always great to experiment and try new things. Experience is the best teacher. Have some fun! Pick up the mallet, hit the gong, make some noise!


This is where the sound bath magic happens! There are so many forms of healing and meditation and this is just one cool example. What are your favorite ways to meditate??? Let me know! :)


Sound Healing at the Pyramids. Have you experienced a sound healing??? I want to hear! If you haven't I highly recommend seeking it out, if you'd like help finding the right type of place, message me!


Do something that you love every day, even if it doesn’t adhere to your routine. Experience is the best teacher. Go out in the world and try something new, knock something off your bucket list, light your fire, step out of your comfort zone. Don’t you want to see what happens? 👍👉Tag someone who needs this in their life right now. 🦀🔥📸credit @studiobrainbow


It’s an incredible blessing to find a group of people who share common interests and have such a vigor and thirst for life that it inspires you even further to go beyond what you thought was possible for this life. Every day is a blessing. 🙏🌅 Tag 3 people who inspire you most in this life!


The gift of a great experience, waking at 2 am and setting out on little sleep, with a group of adventurers who are just as excited for the climb as you are. An incredible adventure climbing a mountain to see the start of the new day, within the challenge there's something meditative, calming, and exciting.


This is a classic scene in Indonesia. Tradition mixed with everyday life. Wouldn't you love to experience new cultures and the exotic ways of life around the world? You can join us and if you stay up to date we have some major announcements coming up in the near future!


One of the best and easiest places to eat healthy is Ubud, Bali. @alchemybali has an amazing salad bar with a wide array of good food selections. Eating and being healthy is a key pillar of Vybrant Life. Stay tuned in for ways you can become your most authentic self.


This is Molly! She's a fellow Minnesotan that we met with here in Bali. It's truly amazing the people you meet when you set out around the world. You never know who's out there until you, yourself, are out there too! Thanks Molly for meeting with us, good luck in Tibet and Happy Birthday!


We woke at 4am to see the beautiful views from the temple on the east side of the island and enjoyed spending the rest of our day on the gorgeous white sand beach sipping coconuts. Wouldn’t you like to join us?? Keep in the loop for some big announcements!


This beautiful day began with a climb to the East Gate Temple overlooking the best view of Mount Agung that Bali has to offer. What a special way to send off our wonderful Vybrant videographer @studiobrainbow Thank you for all the work you’ve done!

This Vybrant Life community is gearing up for our big launch. Are you ready to find out what it is?! Stay tuned for our big announcements! If you want to be the first to know, PM your email so we can keep you informed.