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Diverse neighborhoods. Amazing people. A vibrant restaurant and art scene. Transportation options galore. Yes, we've got it all. Make It Yours!

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#JCAST2017 is here! We’re kicking off the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST) tonight! Join us at the Harborside Atrium 6-9 p.m. for the free kick-off party to celebrate the start of the largest tour in JCAST history with over 500 artists showcasing their talents in 160 artist studios, galleries and other art venues citywide. Thousands of people will get to experience the legacy of Jersey City’s vibrant and growing art culture this Saturday and Sunday, October 14th and 15th. Photo credit: @jbrophoto
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Harborside Financial Center (HBLR station)

A group of ten #JerseyCity police officers departed this morning on a relief mission to Puerto to help with the relief and rebuilding mission following the devastation of Hurricane Maria. They will be there for two-weeks and then another group of officers will be deployed. #JCPD Photo credit: @jbrophoto

Jersey City, New Jersey

Flags are flown at half-staff in Liberty State Park as #JerseyCity and #NewJersey stand with Vegas. #prayforvegas Photo credit: @jbrophoto

Liberty State Park

Mayor Fulop and wife Jaclyn welcome three U.S. Presidents to #JerseyCity today for the President's Cup Tournament. What an honor to have them here. #presidentscup #TeamUSA #JCMakeItYours

Liberty National Golf Course

President's Cup fans from Utah, Wyoming and Ohio showing their support for Team USA here in #JerseyCity today! #presidentscup #redwhiteandblue #JCMakeItYours

Liberty National Golf Course

Today’s graduation of 23 new police officers brings the Jersey City Police Department to its largest size in two decades. Nearly 90 percent of this latest class are Hispanic, African American or Asian American. The class is also comprised of one of the largest amounts of female officer graduates.
Over 300 officers have been hired since 2013, part of the the Fulop administration’s commitment to increase visibility and add walking post to areas where they are needed most. Since placing an effort on diversifying recruitment, 70 percent of the new officers hired since 2013 are minorities, a better reflection of the population in the most diverse city in the country - #JerseyCity. #JCPD #JCMakeItYours

City Hall

Help Mexico and Puerto Rico by dropping off donation items during this event Saturday from 6pm to 11:30pm on Grove Street between Newark Avenue and First Street. Thank you and please share.

Jersey City, New Jersey

People pack Newark Avenue at the 7th Annual All About Downtown Street Festival in #JerseyCity with dozens of food and craft vendors, music and much more. Festival runs until 8pm, so come down and enjoy the festivities. #JCMakeItYours

7th All About Downtown Street Fair

Tomorrow from 8am-noon is the Jersey City/Newport Half Marathon. Please plan accordingly as the race course impacts accessibility to certain areas of the city, traffic, and mobility. Good luck to all the runners!

Jersey City, New Jersey

#JerseyCity celebrated Park(ing) Day today where people all around the world are reclaiming parking spots and designing them into parklets - spaces where people can connect and inhabit their city with a new perspective. It's also a way to rethink urban streets as a way to promote a more vibrant, healthy and green urban life. #parkingday #JCMakeItYours #greenJC #iteams

City Hall

“Our projects are based around a community issue, almost always environmental, and related to something with water that's involving STEM activities: science, technology, engineering and math.

Project Reservoir started about 6 years ago. We all started working together and going to the reservoir. That's where it started: a classroom of kids, our highest achievers. We entered the Disney Planet Challenge. We were state champs the first year. The next year, we won it. So, the kids got a trip to Disney Land.
It snowballed from there. We started looking into what other types of science competitions we could enter. We came up with the idea to form teams. So Project Reservoir is now team-based. We've been pretty successful. We've won some sort of national award every year. Our most recent award was the EPA award for Region 2 last year. It's a Presidential Environmental youth award. So we got to go to D.C.

Project Reservoir is outside of the curriculum. It's an enrichment program. A lot of the students are getting ready to go to high school. That's when they need to make some decision on a career path. The reservoir is our learning lab.

The “Stormies” group is designing a storm drain filter that uses hydrophobic materials that can filter water, doesn't impede flow, but can still capture motor oils and any type of petroleum products. Our plastics team is also designing a filter system for washing machines. Plastic microfibers from washing machines get into the ocean and can harm fish. A big part of our project for each team is also maintaining social media, a website and public outreach.

We have a good group of 4 teachers. We are a team as well. It’s Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Saturdays. There’s 62 students presently. Eight teams. We had well over 100 students apply this year.

Some of our science projects don’t just stop in June, especially when you have living plants and animals. So it’s a big sharing effort to keep the project going." ~ Joel Naatus, Project Reservoir Co-Founder, PS 28 Crisis Intervention Teacher, President, Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance, and #JerseyCity Heights resident
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PS 28 Christa McAuliffe School

#Throwback to March, when the city installed the first bioswale, a form of green infrastructure that captures, absorbs, or diverts storm water from urban areas before it enters sewer systems or causes flooding. Green infrastructure also filters and cleans storm water naturally, reducing the negative impact before storm water reaches rivers, lakes, and streams.

This week, the city announced additional urban sustainability measures it is taking to tackle climate change on the local level, an education and awareness campaign to foster community involvement (which includes an adopt a catch basin program), and also developing more sustainable practices within city government such as green infrastructure standards and a new office of sustainability.

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City Hall

#JerseyCity has launched a series of initiatives aimed at tackling issues related to climate change initially focusing on storm water management to reduce flooding and limit pollution of our waterways. This education and awareness campaign includes an Adopt-A-Catch Basin program (like the one seen here at Montgomery and Baldwin) and green infrastructure installations such as bioswales, rain gardens and permeable pavement. More than 70 residents have adopted catch basins & pledged to keep them clean - the city provides a broom, dust pan and paints a mural at the location. #sustainability #greenJC #JCMakeItYours #yearofwater #iteams @innovate_jc

Jersey City, New Jersey

Reflections on 9/11 of the #JerseyCity residents who died that day. #neverforget Photo Credit: @jbrophoto

World Trade Memorial - Jersey City