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Fall... it was fun while it lasted 🥺.


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“Doubt is a luxury we can’t afford anymore. You have more power than you realize. Don’t think and don’t worry. If the time comes, you’ll know what to do.” #theHallsway


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Today my big boy is 4️⃣. He is now my four-nager lol. These pics are so him. Side A & Side B... God knew exactly what he was doing when He gave us you !


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“God places the lonely in families..” Psalm 68:6... God knew the loneliness I had in my heart because of the mother/daughter relationship I always yearned for but did not have. The day you were born, God gave me that in you. #ChloeMcKinley I love you so much, I promise to always be there no matter what, you can always count on me. #Besties #chocolatedrop #coco #oneinamelon


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This weekend was all about #ChloeMcKinley. I can’t believe my baby will be 1 year old tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate.


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Mommy Free weekend + Girl’s Trip for Dom’s wedding = Model Mama !! #youhadmeatDejene


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Yesterday was my 29th birthday 🎁. I want to thank each and every person who called, texted, and messaged me. I really and truly appreciate it. Year 28 was full of new experiences and life lessons, this year I’m believing for a year of abundance and over flow. Last year of my 20’s 🙈#blessed29 #twentyfine #hereisathrowback #tbt #29


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Today was our last Sunday at WOCC before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to start the next chapter of our book.

I came to World Overcomers Christian Church @worldovercomers for the first time 7 years ago, in 2011. I was a 21 year old young lady searching for something. I was broken, hurt, confused college student trying to figure out why on earth I left my home town of Cleveland, Ohio to come to a place where I barely knew a soul. I told my self I was never a big fan of mega churches and I wasn’t so sure of how this church thing would work for me. But after the first time I went, I couldn’t stop coming. Something kept calling me to attend. From there, this church continued to challenge me, and gave me the desire to really want to develop a relationship with God. •
I rededicated my life at this church, I got baptized at this church, I served at this church, I interned at this church, I went through counseling at this church, I worked at this church, I met some of my best friends at this church, I was married through this church, I discovered my purpose at this church. I moved to Oklahoma the 1st time because of this church, my children were dedicated at this church. I discovered the person God called me to be at this church. I have a spiritual family because of this church. I don’t know who I would be, without this Church!! •
I thank God for my spiritual parents @pastorandywocc & @1stladylashawn I thank them for their vision, their guidance, their love, their generosity, their support. They are so selfless and truly want the best for me and my family. I’m so grateful, I can never repay them for everything they have done for me. You all saved my life. 💗⛪️


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Happy 31st birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, my husband, my world, my baby daddy, my everything.
I choose this picture because when I see you worship God, I thank Him over and over again that he choose for you to be my husband. A man that is so submitted to God. A man that is not afraid to worship Him and thank Him for everything. A man that lets others know that you can still be a sneaker head and love the Lord. 😂 You can be good husband, take care of your family and still be “cool”. The way that you meet people as if you have known them forever. A man that changes the stereotype of what a Pastor should be or look like.
I love you Baby!! I can’t believe this is still just the beginning of our never ending love story !!


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My #chocolatedrop turned 7 months yesterday !!! I can’t take it!!!