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Back to my roots.


Always on my phone.


I think the best thing I inherited from my great-grandmother was a good eye at estate sales.

There’s a certain joy in filling your home with unique items that have stories and aren’t found in every other person’s apartment. I found this beautiful wood dresser via Craigslist this weekend and this adorable 1910s rug on @poshmark of all places.


Easy like Sunday morning.


#HappyEarthDay! How are you celebrating?

I decided to kick my candle buying addiction and make my own with much healthier ingredients. I ditched petroleum-based paraffin was for beeswax, lead-containing wicks for beeswax-coated hemp wicks, and chemical fragrances for some natural essences I brought back from my trip to Egypt. To be extra-green I thrifted this hand painted bowl from @housingworks in Chelsea. Not only is this candle so much healthier than my old favorite brand, it also cost wayyyyyy less to make and looks like I picked it up from Anthro. I think I found my new hobby.


In the spirit of earth month and living more consciously, I just added 39 new items to my @poshmark closet. Rather than have these items continue to sit in my closet, I’d rather give them second life and help others avoid buying new things when possible. See my story for the link to shop or visit my posh profile “jjriffle”.


Turmeric-tahini brussels sprouts to warm up this chilly day. Recipe in the comments. #liketkit #LTKhome


Frens, not foods. ❤️🐑❤️


#SelfCare in two steps: 💧& 🤷🏻‍♀️


I’m almost a week into the #superelixirchallenge and feeling great! Would you believe me if I told you that I didn’t even have one coffee this week (and that’s with jet lag)! Check out my story for the recipe for this @superelixir recipe and follow my month long journey with the #superelixirchallenge.


I’m recovering from vacation and a 2017 of junk food with the #superelixirchallenge from @superelixir. The vegan, alkaline formula helps us feel rested and balanced, and acts like a reset button for our body.
Follow my one month journey here on my feed and check my story for daily updates, and follow #superelixirchallenge to join all of the other babes participating.


Up close and personal. 🦁