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Alpine climber for The North Face, Lowa boots and DMM_Wales. Proud husband and welder 👨🏭

We had a nice cushy plane ride from Islamabad to Skardu and it was canceled because of weather. The next flight was 3 days later so we took the bus. Here we sat for 7 hours in 110 degree heat because of a land slide. Everyone made the most of it but dear lord it was hot!! Today we relax in Skardu and then off we go! Stoked!! #dmmwales #thenorthface #lowaboots #neverstopexploring @lowa.outdoor @thenorthface_climb @dmm_wales @kurtross @nelsonneirinck


We wait in #Islamabad for a few days which is good to get rid of the Jet Lag. Today we visited the #faisalmosque which was beautiful. We shook hands and chatted with many people who were anxious to welcome us to Pakistan. Everyone wanted pictures with us so we had a lengthy visit. It was an amazing experience. #dmmwales #thenorthface #lowaboots #alucab @lowa.outdoor @dmm_wales @thenorthface_climb


Thank you to everyone who joined me for by birthday last night. @alpine_elements thank you for your amazing cooking with my mother. @sampagesicilia thank you for my custom plaque with a quote from one of the 20th centuries greatest movies #macgruber Thank you to my sisters, mom and dad for being there for me always and most importantly Thank you to my beautiful wife @alliroskelley for supporting me on all my climbing endeavors. Today is my Birthday and I’m off to Pakistan for the first time. I couldn’t imagine a better gift. #dmmwales #thenorthface #lowaboots #jamesbaroud #alucab @dmm_wales @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @ok4wd


What’s your way of packing for an expedition? It’s usually takes me a lot of time to lay it out. I add and subtract and ponder again on what I’ll need. I’m off soon to a place I’ve never been. (Fill you in later) It’s exciting and an adventure is always welcome!
#thenorthface #lowaboots #alucab #dmmwales #ok4wd #jamesbaroud @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @dmm_wales @jamesbaroudusa


Well Allison out did me today! I caught 0 fish 🎣. Right before another expedition it’s nice to relax with some #flyfishing #julbousa @julbo_usa #fishinggirl #4thofjuly #idaho #ok4wd #jamesbaroud #alucab #thenorthface #lowaboots


What is home? To me it’s a safe place with my wife and dogs 🐕 but on a climbing expedition it’s base camp. We spent endless hours in this Northface dome through some of the worst weather I’ve ever been in. The thing was indescribable. @thenorthface_climb @thenorthface #thenorthface #ineededthis


A guy I know dropped off some Elm 🌳 slabs at my house the other day. So I decided I’d try making a coffee table. Welding is easy but epoxying a table is tough. The next one will be better... maybe. #newhobby #elm #woodworking #whatamidoing


Date night with the better half at Kendall Yards Night Market. I’m lucky to have such a supportive wife. I’m one lucky dude indeed! #dmmwales #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #alucab #ok4wd #jamesbaroud #julbousa @kendall_yards @alliroskelley @brainfreezecreamery


Bad weather? No climbing? What do you do to keep from going nuts 🥜 on an expedition? We read books and play video games. @davidlama_official @clinthelander and I got quite good at flying planes and driving race cars 🏎️! @asphaltgames kept us busy. #dmmwales #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #julbousa #jamesbaroud #alucab @thenorthface_climb @dmm_wales @julbo_eyewear @lowa.outdoor @ok4wd


Happy Father’s Day pops. I’m lucky to have you, your wisdom and stories. This is one of my dads photos from the 1978 first American ascent of K2, Northeast ridge. 📸 John Roskelley #dmmwales #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #julbousa @thenorthface_climb @dmm_wales @lowa.outdoor @julbo_eyewear


@clinthelander and @davidlama_official trying to keep up with the daily precipitation on our Mt Logan trip in April. I have never seen it snow like that. Most of the time we would dig everything out then after a meal it was time to dig it out again. It did keep us occupied though. #dmmwales #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #canada #julbousa @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @dmm_wales @julbo_eyewear


I’ve seen it a few times on various occasions. Storms and poor weather blow birds off course. On the huge glaciers surrounding Mount Logan the only thing remotely recognizable was our tents. Exhausted, the birds would rarely make it. This one rests with his head tucked under his wing protected in our dome tent. #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #dmmwales #wildlife @lowa.outdoor @thenorthface_climb @dmm_wales