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Pro Alpine climber for The North Face, Lowa boots and DMM_Wales. Proud husband and welder 👨🏭

The first crux of any major Alaskan expedition is shopping. At least for me, it can be more exhausting than the climb itself. The excellent company helps though. We’re exhausted lol! We are anxious for the road trip to our destination. @jongriffen @taddmccrea @davidlama_official @clinthelander #dmmwales #lowaboots #thenorthface #neverstopexploring @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor


Proud of my wife for getting after it this year with her ice and mixed climbing. Not an easy sport to just jump in to lol. Not sure how hard this mixed line was but guessing a Haffner Creek M7. @alliroskelley and @lindsay.chutas getting after it while I watch for a change. #lowaboots #neverstopexploring #dmmwales #julbo #jamesbaroud #ok4wd #thenorthface @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @ok4wd @dmm_wales


Today I’m packing for a trip to Alaska and my dad emailed me a photo I’ve never seen and felt it was inspirational to say the least. Jim States, Kim Momb and Chris Kopczynski on the lower portion of the West Pillar of Makalu in 1980. The four-man expedition completed the second ascent of the route without Sherpa support or bottled oxygen and made the first American ascent of the peak. 📸 by @johnfcroskelley #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #dmmwales @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @dmm_wales #jamesbaroud


It's one thing to be a strong athletic woman. It's another to be a woman who actively empowers other women. When I was first brought on to The North Face Team and intro'd to the crew, Anna not only welcomed me with open arms, she also reached out to befriend my wife. I thought that was super cool. She is friendly, inspirational and gets it done! I can't wait to get out and crush it with @pfaff_anna and learn from her experiences through her world travels as a nurse and athlete for TNF. #shemovesmountains #thenorthface #neverstopexploring @thenorthface_climb


I was allowed to tag along on the girl ice trip today. We went and climbed Carlsberg Column in Field with my lovely wife @alliroskelley and her friend @lindsay.chutas Totally fun to take the back seat. Nice work ladies. #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #julbousa #dmmwales


Happy Easter 🐣 weekend everyone! This photo was hard to take. The drool is epic lol. #easter #dogdrool @icanteven #spring


My dad has many slides tucked away. You’ll see a few in or on the cover of older climbing books. I see them now and again and felt inclined to post one here and there. The photos are incredible and I could stare at them for hours. This is a photo of the 1978 expedition and first American ascent of K2 via Northeast ridge. @rickridgeway in the foreground. #neverstopexploring #thenorthface #lowaboots #dmmwales #k2 📸 by John Roskelley


Oh #lowa you make my day better! Thanks for the new kicks!! #lowa @lowa.outdoor #lowaboots #newkicks


Earlier this winter I went out with @donofhern and @samuel_carter12 to Bull River for the day. Impressive scenery but he sure knows how to take a Picture. #neverstopexploring #lowaboots #dmmwales #ok4wd #julbo @thenorthface_climb @lowaboots @dmm_wales @ok4wd photo: @donofhern


I had a blast teaching a sport climbing class today at the Red Rocks Rendezvous! Thanks for a great day class! #neverstopexploring #lowaboots #rrr18
#thenorthface #dmmwales #julbousa @thenorthface_climb @lowa.outdoor @dmm_wales


Excited for the #redrockrondezvous this weekend! Hanging out with #dmmwales and #thenorthface will be a good time per usual. Stoked! #lowaboots #julbousa


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