James Njoroge@jimmie_boyy

the broken are the more evolved
Am not here to fit into your world
Am here to make my own
Ill make my mark on this planet
Just you wait

Thanks bruh. For reminding me who I am and what am a part of👊. Had missed you guys
#good genes


I dont usually do this unless am drunk or am high but am both right now and I need you in my life😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯 @_munyiva_ Nakupenda


All my life I always wished I was no one, to move in and out of crowds unnoticed. Funny how things turned out waay different for me. But to be anyone in another's life you have to be someone first. Who that person is, its upto you. People will always disappoint you no matter who you choose to be. But ive learnt if you have something to believe in, a hope for even the impossible happening. We cant be defeated. She makes me believe that there is someone like her out there. Thank you.

This is just to show you that yoh appreciated💯.


When you base your expections on only what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality


You may know me but you have no idea who I am 😏.. Am back baby


Am six feet from the edge and am thinking maybe six feet is so far down...... #Creed


Had the worst day with the best people making it unforgettable love you guys


a day well spent with God and Family


A birthday well spent with my big siz @dhahabu_sha , my nigga @deyrouh, the pretty one Yvonne..... and my very good friend Kendy love you guyz sanaa


My nigga deyrouh... has always been beside me through all shit and has never left my side.... true niggas for life


You dont need anyone in your life you need that someone who makes you feel that your existence matters and you have really touched their lives and they have touched yours.... love you big siz...#dhahabu


Cool on a hot day.... pozing like a wing chung trainer.... an advanced south paw move...


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