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I’m a multifaceted person with a variety of interests...but mostly:
Tattooing, lifting, metal.
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Not a huge change by any means.. but a little defluffing in areas 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been experimenting with Ketosis for a full month today and after another month I’ll share my super scientific analysis👩🔬 (lol..) what typical eating looks like for me, feelings I’ve noticed, helpful links etc. so far I’ve noticed consistent energy after the initial “shit period” aka Keto Flu. I’m 100% sugar free, no longer dependent on gum and sugar free monster (I haven’t had one in a month who am I????). My endurance has been insane - I ran 55 min yesterday because I wanted to?!!.. and my goal for tomorrow is a full hour. Then back to regular increments haha.
Anyways, not really here to debate opinions on diet lifestyle... just sharing observations. I’ve been able to stick with it and haven’t struggled with BED since starting - so I’m excited to see what can happen as I continue. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ANSWERED MY MILLIONS OF QUESTIONS AND SHARED THEIR EXPERIENCES AND HELP!


Happy Father’s Day to all! Here’s a young jess with the only steve mcqueen I care about


I’ve got space on Saturday and Sunday! I’ll have pre drawn designs available (email me to book! and I’ll have a selection of wood slice art and sticker packs! At the very least come get a high five and say hi!!😊 🤷🏼‍♀️👋🏻




#throwbackthursday to probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. So much hard work for one day. But you learn so much more about yourself in the process. I’ve been taking time to work on my mental health but my renewed commitment to myself has made me hopeful that competing could be something I can handle again in the future. I never realized how fulfilling the process was until I strayed. Little by little, Day by day.. 💪🏻 plus the season is in full swing and you all look so amazing/are so inspiring 😍❤️


Painted a lil geode on this wood slice. It’ll be available for purchase at the villain arts show 😊 Among other original paintings, stickers and STUFF


Super fun one from last week :) thanks again @lilhard_dad for letting me massacre your knee ditch! 💘 ALSO IM BOOKING VILLAIN ARTS!! It’s my first convention! Let’s make memories together.. and let me tattoo you 😁 hahaha. Email for srs inquiries:


DUNES BRUH! I don’t know how people were sandboarding. The sand spilling in my shoe was hotttttttt.


pagosa is majestic AF.


Comin back from the void 💪🏻 #defluff #thankslighting


🐶 if you don’t know, now ya know!


✨🤗✨ thank you Brittany! 💘 added on to her existing peony tattoo :)


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