Are you where you want to be doing what you want to do? No, but I’m on my way!
Seattle | Saigon

Had the honor of being a bodyguard for this beauty at the grand opening of @skyxxvn. Thanks @patrickcab for letting us be a part of the event. Amazing to see all the hard work come together and experience it first hand.


I’m working on several poses including “blue steel” (not ready yet of course) and this one I call “aqua di jocko”. Your move @evanberns 😘

#giliswing #giliislands


Bali 🛫🛬Gili


He said meet him in Bali ✅
He said bring your stunner shades ✅
He said now pose like you own this hill, flex one calf, heel slightly off the ground, arms on your hips... ✅ mate


I had to wait for go jek to deliver some babi guling. So i decided to wait like a man who loves his suckling pig 🐷


Visitors...you can tell by the badge.


Ever since I was young, it’s always been hard for me to stand still. But sometimes it provides that epiphany moment you’re searching for.

Photo cred @thatsninii


I took a day off from the grind to pursue some other goals. It was a full day of work, but an honor to be a part of Viet Hung’s upcoming kimono inspired line.
Photo cred @thatsninii


Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear...when your dad installs a mirror two sizes too small and upside down. Happy New Year everyone! May you start 2018 on the right foot, but if not, may your failures be steps to moving forward with some slight adjustments 🤗💪


@shawnolyaie You and your team have done it again. Amazing spot and can’t wait to introduce more friends to what Seattle has to offer. So proud.


Squatting and lifting several reps of bánh bột lọc.


Salt that bae


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