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These are the endangered species. Only one or two left of these and they won't be returning. Some colours are getting the chop and some designs won't be back so grab 'em if you want 'em.


The design floor has high expectations (and not a snowball's chance in hell).


I'm stupid sick this week and this photo has nothing to do with anything but I love the colours. (And it is better than a shot of snotty tissues , which is what life actually looks like right now)


Let me tell you about Bob. Bob tells awful jokes at the expense of women, persons with disabilities, persons of colour, LQBTQ friends- pretty much anyone who is not Bob. It has become my personal mission to pull Bob up on this every.single.time. Bob has decided I am a crazy bitch .... Bob is wrong!
This is the first pin in Angry Women month. This one is a permanent resident on whatever I wear (except school). I have given so many of these to the other 'crazy bitches' in my life. You are outnumbered Bob.


With the closing of @craftprojectcp Ella Blue are incredibly sad to announce that they will not be printing any new collections.
I want to say a heartfelt Thankyou to
@nattinni and @melealouie and all the @ellabluefabrics gang for the opportunity to design fabric, work with some crazy-arse people and drink beers in foreign lands. I loved almost every minute of it. Maybe I won't miss the bum-crack sweat or the diva tantrums or the inappropriate use of stuffed vegetables but the singing and the laughing and the sharing.. those bits were ace and they are going to be sorely missed. Thankyou from the heart of my bottom.


Awaiting stuffage.


This pattern, tiny dancers is finally off at @creative_abundance and Shops will be able to order it super soon. Stay tuned if you are on my newsletter list !
#handmadetoys #plushies #ricractoys


******Giveaway Closed****** Leave a comment to go in the draw to win the quick-cut kit for this Bug it cushion by @claireturpindesign . Kit includesg full pattern and precut bugs and I have added some #bugcityfabric binding as well. Winner chosen later today so get crackin'. Pattern and kit available wholesale through @creative_abundance


It's time to crack out the handsewing so I'm thinking of new alphabet animals. This is L Is for lion. Got any suggestions? So far we have covered E , G, H , D, F, T, L and P.


I don't often housework, but when I do I housework so hard I vacuum the keys right off the keyboard. #youhavetolaugh #noreally


The shop is full of new stuff! May was 'domestic goddess month' and there are aprons and teapots and mixers galore. Can I just say this exact shade of green is my absolute favourite. Next month is angry women month, if you want to get the jump on stuff, join the newsletter.


A clean sewing room will surely kick start something new right ??