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Looking down into the Shenandoah Valley at sunset after a wild thunderstorm passed over the Blue Ridge early last week.


This was an adventure. Here are some shots from an April expedition I did with the Florida Wildlife Corridor team. We were interested in a fast-disappearing landscape connection between Florida’s two largest wetland systems - the Everglades and the Green Swamp. The small stream we explored, Reedy Creek, originates just on the east side of the Lake Wales Ridge, and meanders southeast to Lake Russell, from where it’s waters continue on into the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Along our route we found much of the wild to rejoice in and much difficulty; the physical toil was real in this swamp. But the greater difficulty for us lay in capturing the story of the landscape around Reedy Creek and how best to put it in context with the larger Florida Wildlife Corridor. How best to include it’s history, it’s diversity, and what’s happening to it today, what does it mean, and what are the people of Florida to do about it? These questions are hard to answer, let alone the challenge of actually doing the necessary conservation work. We are all looking forward to sharing the story over the coming months. @mallorydimmitt @carltonward @danny_schmidt @bendicci @implementproductions @3bearsmedia @alexofthewild @lcross_wildyoga11 @trisaratops409 @fl_wildcorridor


When you feel somebody watchin you but your homie think you stress too much #wildlife #cameratrapping #deerseason


SHEN mammals in b&w, from some recent camera trapping efforts, including an Allegheny woodrat (third picture). Stoked about the terrifying look of that woodrat. They are such good critters, little mountain spirits.


These past few months I've been lucky to have access to some special places in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia, where my co-workers and I are setting up surveys for wildlife and plants. These are a few images from our walks.


When you creeping somebody's IG feed and you hit that Like by accident...


Here are some photos I took at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville on Saturday. They shouted "Heil Trump" as they hid behind shields and armed militia, and they called me a "faggot" and "Jew boy" when I got in their faces. I didn't pretend to be impartial. I came down to participate in the counter protest. I think it's a fantasy to think that if we ignore these people they'll just go away. They feel empowered by Donald Trump's presidency, and all the evidence suggests the feeling is mutual. He purposefully sought their support in his campaign, and he continues to do so even now, today's remarks notwithstanding. We must face this movement down now and we must face him down now. If you love this country there is only one side for you.


This photo is one I'm proud of and pull up every so often. Cattle egrets, vultures, and anhingas hanging out in a cypress dome rookery under a perfect night sky in Seminole State Forest, Florida.



cleansing little fire


Found this old pic of my buddy Carlton, who just celebrated a birthday. We were slogging across a designated wilderness area swamp in Apalachicola NF on the Florida panhandle when we came across this big ol slash pine. I made a long exposure so the clarity of the dark-stained water would show through. Good memories! And that blackwater is good for the soul.


Memorable visit to the blustery New Zealand coast south of Gisborne