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Awesome day in Brugge. Dropped by the Clan of Tusk to surprise @lenleye.cot and @benvervotte but got surprised by @jordanist instead!


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Back where I first fell in love with coffee! Happy days^.^


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BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the #wutanclan @steph.tys @bar.wu on your most special of days! Thank you for giving the Mrs and I a reason to see this most beautiful part of the world and for letting us share in your joy!

It’s been a wonderful week away from work and the daily grind (which I do love)! We’ll still be away for a few more but rest assured, beloved customers, that I’ll be getting back on top of the emails, messages and requests soon!

Whilst trying to keep this trip as un-tattooey as possible, I was in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist a trip down to @fivepointsnyc where I briefly got to meet @jeb_maykut @chrisgarver and the boys at the shop. Thanks again for giving me your time of day!

Cheers to all who have made our week awesome!


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Dragon jewellery for @oktp.flint Keen to do more!
#dragontattoo #japanesetattoo #Melbournetattoo


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Where it all happens 🤘#melbournetattoo


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3hour start to Derek’s sleeve #koitattoo #melbournetattoo #japanesetattoo


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Fun day!


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