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We Da Riff Boyz
Opening up for B2k on tour 😏

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Name a better duo: 👥⬇️ w/ @izzydiggs before school #daddy #daughter #family #ohana #drip #today


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2007- present day
Same ol G



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As the year closes idk why but the fruits of the labor keep revealing themselves to me. Someone close to me, who’s opinion I held in high esteem, said some really wild & hurtful things about their opinion of me/what they see in and of me. Now even tho I held this persons opinion as GOLD all through my childhood & early adult life, I’ve struggled the entire time questioning how no matter what I seem to achieve I seem to never be able to satisfy this person..
2018 I realized that I’m the best version of Joey Diggs Jr that I’ve EVER been, I’m happy with who I am, what I’ve accomplished and where I’m headed. I know me: I’ve done the work and am proud of me.

Now.. People who don’t want you to succeed (for whatever their reason) can just SENSE when you’re about to leave them behind to reach new levels; they will say and do whatever they can to KEEP you from leveling up, ESPECIALLY to a level that exceeds their own.
This year this person decided to tell me what they “really thought about me”:
Not a good father🤔
Don’t have a good spirit🧞‍♂️
Not a good man🤨
Not a star🤩

I say all this to say one thing: people can say what they want but it’s up to YOU to know YOU. On top of life beating you down over & over there will be people that for some reason think life’s not doing a good enough job & will assist in trying to break you down.

I know I’m an amazing father, have an unwavering strong spirit, I’m a great man and always have been, and I believe in me. Displaying anger towards anything or anyone that says otherwise only means I agree with what they’re saying. So I keep pushing.. I know what I talk to me about ON A DAILY, I know the amount of work I put in; most of which never even rises to the surface for others to see (even tho a lot does). If you can look in the mirror and smile: you’re on the right path!
Let them think and say what they want while your joy, peace and successes speak magnitudes.

This post is for the dreamer in you. If I can overcome & achieve so can you, and I’m only getting started. I believe in me so you believe in you..


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Hey man.. going into and living thru 2018.. it was a tough year. Seeing this just now really put some things into perspective for me and I’ve realized my resiliency shows in the support from those around me. I thank everyone whose been a part of my journey in any way and I want you guys to know that I’m currently in an amazing place and fully READY to take on my responsibilities to this earth and it’s people thru my creativity.. been making some of the best music of my life and can’t wait to drop this with the help of my friends.. showtime. 🙌🏽🙏🏽 thank you fr. Over a milli next year.. 🚀


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Merry chrimuuuuh!! From @izzydiggs and friends! 🎄

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Pull up! It’s @champagnepapi night and I been trying to sing this mans songs with a live band since I heard “Brand New” 😩🙌🏽🙌🏽 December 13th

The homies @antoinetroupe n @rioloz in the building too! Lol low key!? I’m happy af

See you there


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Come at me. @viericheparis


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A real shift is upon us you guys. idk about you but I’ve been through some shit and lemme tell you: fight you’re way thru it cause on the other side of that mountain of dookie 💩.. is everything you want.
I don’t have even a fraction of what “I want” rn but with each day that passes I can feel it.. I feel it headed my way and in abundance. Like a BIG ASS WAVE i can see feel-good energy, opportunity, & relationships that will possibly in turn shake the world we live in.

Lemme tell you: FIGHT THROUGH IT cause this feeling I have rn is where it starts. The BELIEF that it’s BEEN en route.. Oh and this fit hard you say?! I know 😏 👉🏽 @viericheparis


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I’m telling y’all: this man @versesimmonds pulled up on us in Miami talmbout “camera rollin..? Coo” and proceeded to pull out every move from ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ & I was instantly jealous like 😮😱 and demanded a reshoot! Lol 😂🙌🏽🙌🏽 ‘Get Back’ by @iraptoo ft Verse and myself is available everywhere!


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Jerry curl blowing in the wind kind of day.. 😏
@iraptoo ft. @versesimmonds & myself
‘Get Back’ out now!


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We makin music for everybodaaaay!
@iraptoo ‘Get Back’ ft @joeydiggsjr n @versesimmonds OUT NOW! 🛫🛫🛫🛫