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Changui and I taking a nap today ❤️. @blackjaguarwhitetiger


Happy birthday to one of the few people I actually look up too. My idol and one of my best friends in the world @blackjaguarwhitetiger I love you brother. I wish you nothing but health and happiness this year. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and give you your birthday punches 💪🏻💪🏻😂😂


The first video was Leo when we first received him from the terrible circus. This was one of the first days at the foundation so he is in a quarantine area of course for the first 30 days. As you can see he did not trust any humans and who can blame him. God only knows what he was put through at that hellhole. The second video is him about a year later looking and feeling like a king again. Filled with love and purpose again. Look at how beautiful and healthy he looks in the pictures and videos. I swear that on my last trip I sat with him for an hour brushing his mane and he loved every second of it and when I went to walk away he followed me around the entire perimeter of his habitat rubbing his mane through the fence. These animals are the smartest on the planet. If you truly love them, none of that fake stuff true love. They will love you back it’s simple. I love each and everyone of these magnificent beings ❤️ @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions


Tomorrow I will be back home amongst true kings. No more fake energy surrounding me at every turn. I know it might sound crazy but I learn so much from this iconic beings every time I am privileged enough to spend time with them. The @blackjaguarwhitetiger foundation is by far the most incredible place on earth. I can’t wait to share so many magical moments with you guys over the next week. Guys it’s also Eddies birthday tomorrow which is the real reason I’m going😊 and I’m sure he’s going to be mad at me for posting about it but I don’t give a sh*t as everyone knows by now 😂😂 I would like for everyone that truly supports us to take 5 mins out of your day tomorrow, go through his Instagram and repost a picture or a video of his that has touched you or that you find close to your heart and say a little something about it and tag him with a happy birthday. He deserves that. He works non stop for these beautiful animals and he has saved hundreds if not thousands of lives to date. Have a beautiful day ❤️❤️


Hahahahaha I love this guy ❤️❤️❤️


Wolf’s pride from a few months ago.. @blackjaguarwhitetiger #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet


But animals don’t have feelings right ? Yea ok. @blackjaguarwhitetiger is one of a kind. We are witnessing greatness. #savelions #behuman #saveourplanet


Missing my nephews ❤️❤️ #familyfirst


IN THEATERS TODAY !!!!! #GOTTI 💪🏻💪🏻 @johnagotti @peterjgotti @jgotti38_ @angelgotti5