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I once stalked a girl in class so bad I traced her for about an hour to her home, and then trekked two hours back home 🤦. I was 15 or 16 years old.

Edit: I just started making a song I titled 'Impress You' based on y'all stories. Looool


Best thing I've heard in a while. Beautiful sound from @efeoraka


Happy birthday boss, you're very rare. Thank you for believing in the Johnny Drille dream. Blessings always @iameze.


Isn't it funny how there are so few songs about fathers?

Brand new #JohnnysRoom Owl City Cover out now! Link in my bio. Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of these videos.

@iamgodwynguitar on guitar, @davidrhinoo on electric, @wisebernie on Cajon, and @adetulubogbazzy on bass.


Hey guys! I'm super excited to present to you a brand new second installment of #JohnnysRoom. For this one we did an Owl City Cover and I think you'll love it. We are bringing #JohnnysRoom somewhere close to you very soon. Link to the full video is on my bio. 🎥@mavinfilms.

Lemme know what you think 💙


So far so good I think I've been a good boy. Okbye 🚶


God knows I have listened to this song more times than any other song this year.
I had always looked forward to working with @aphrodija since 2015 and she was gracious enough to bless this song with her beautiful voice. Aside #RomeoandJuliet I don't think I've worked on any song this extensively, it had to be perfect 👌 I've also never had more live instrumentation on any of my songs than this too. This is an achievement for me and I can't wait for you guys to hear it 🕺🕺🕺


I haven't been able to respond to a lot of your messages lately but I really do appreciate you guys and don't take you for granted.



This will be a long read, so forgive me 🙏

Some of you may have noticed I didn't have my 'signature' hair at some point this year. Well, I had a terrible condition called fungal infection that slowly caused my hair to break, creating scanty patches on my scalp.
Around January I noticed I had flakes on my face but didn't pay it any attention until it spread to my scalp and ears. I probably got it from a barber shop or hotel bedsheets that weren't properly washed. I would spend the next two months assuming it was dandruff and trying to treat that. I saw that I was losing a lot of my hair and it was then I realized it wasn't at all dandruff but something terrible.
I had a dermatologist check and he diagnosed it as fungal infection and prescribed the drugs.
Treating it has hands down been the hardest thing I've done this year. I had to shave all of my remaining hair to properly treat it. I can remember leaving the barber shop with my friend Obji and hating the guy I saw in the mirror, me. I was going to stay indoors for the next few weeks and go out only a few times aided by face caps and hats. I dreaded taking tablets prior as I'd rather just let my immune system fight whatever I was down with, but this time it was inescapable, I had to take dem pills. Treatment also didn't come cheap, a Terbinafine pack of 14 tablets sold for NGN17, 000 and I must have have taken around 6 packs of those. One mistake I made was not being faithful to dosage; at times I missed a dosage and woke up to more fungus on my face and hair the next morning. Another mistake I made was not correctly diagnosing it but assuming it was nothing serious.

Last week I took the last tablet of Terbinafine and I can now boldly say I'm totally free from that stubborn fungal infection that plagued me the most of this year. I also learned to take medication by myself (my mum or sister would usually force me to take pills then 😁). It's a pretty boring story but I wanted to share it so in case you experience something like this or anything suspicious, you should take action asap and not wait for it to get out of control.

P.S. Don't let this picture mislead you, I was not so fine without my hair 😁


John Ikponmwosa Ighodaro. I bet you didn't know that's my real name 😂. 📸 @director_lekan


Sometimes God doesn't have to cause good to come to you, you're only just reaping the harvest of what you planted. God made the world to function that way. A little act of kindness can be as simple as giving a lost stranger directions, or helping the old lady or some little kids cross the busy road.
Sometimes it's harder to do, but do it cos you should and not cos you want something in return. It sha will come back to you in other ways in the end. I'm certain of that.


#Repost @mavinrecords
Beautiful new music from #johnnydrille. Romeo and Juliet out now. Link in @johnnydrille’s bio. #Mavin


I've been scared of flying since February when an aircraft I was on landed in Port Harcourt instead of Lagos due to heavy downpour. We were so close to touchdown but the pilot couldn't stabilize the plane and he suddenly took the plane up again. We went round and tried to land again but it was even worse conditions. There was way more turbulence than usual and we went in circles for over an hour before the pilot decided it was better we headed to Port Harcourt before we ran out of fuel mid air 😰. I was scared as hell I could have pee'ed myself. Everyone was screaming and praying, it was like watching one of dem plane crash films.
On that flight I had told God that if we landed safely I'll never fly in a plane again.
As we landed it was like Nigeria won the World Cup, we were all happy to alive.
Scariest day of my life!


That new @tiwasavage jam with Wizkid has now got a badass music video 🔥🔥🔥 Link is in her bio. #Malo


Thanks so much. Love it!! #Repost @nuel_arts
Charcoal on chipboard

Yeah yeah @johnnydrille


Thank you guys 🙏 we did it! This means a lot to me 💙.


Have you seen the #RomeoandJuliet music video? If you have, please see it again 😄😄😄. Link is in my bio


Yo guys! Brand new music video from my brothers @itz_dna for their latest single #Queen. Link is on their bio 🔥🔥🔥. #Mavin


I don't understand this kind of prayer o, and the other one is saying Ise 😕😒


#Repost @mavinrecords
Fantastic visuals to a brilliant song. Romeo and Juliet 🎥💞💞. Link in @johnnydrille’s bio. #Mavin


....That's how I'm not going to eat well tonight.

Is God trying to tell me something 🤔


Sorry to bother you again with my kitchen problems.

I realized I've been eating the same three kinds of food since I moved to Lagos; been eating just Rice, Beans, Egusi/Semo, and the occasional noodles over and over. I dunno if that's very healthy dieting.

Well, I'm going to the market now (I usually do so at night) and I'm wondering what other easy-to-make food I can cook so I can get the right foodstuff from the market. Thanks in advance 🙏. EDIT: I finally got sweet and Irish potatoes, unripe plantains, vegetables, eggs, fresh tomatoes. For tonight I'll try to make egg sauce with dem potatoes. I also took screenshots of most of your suggestions for future reference. Thanks for all your help. You guys rock 🙏💙


Guys!!! This is huge! Nini is dropping her debut album in a few days and I'm blessed to have worked on it. I personally can't wait for it to be out. You can pre-order the album #ThisIsMe via the link in @officialniniola's bio 💙


Just in case you meet me in real life and my face looks like this, please know it is my default facial expression and I'm not in any way angry at anyone. Some of us are like that 😂🚶. 📷 @director_lekan


Back in the days I'd already be sleeping at 11PM, these day 1:30AM is even too early to sleep 😞. Why are you still awake?


😂😂😂 It's not true o🚶


This is perhaps the only picture that I look my age. You'll probably be surprised how old I am.


I have faith, faith that this will work out well.

I'm not sure how it's gonna happen but I'm confident it will 😇