juliana. 21. brazil
i love simba very much. that's all you need to know about me really
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the white lion ♡

#shiro #voltron


my altean oc’s design

just a closer look at my altean babies. their outfits and things they always have with them 💖💜 #voltron


valdangelo for pride month! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #valdangelo #notklance #hoo #pridemonth


i had a dream a couple of days ago that stucky kissed in the new avengers movie and i needed to draw it. it was the most beautiful after battle/ relief to see each other alive kiss 💖💜 #stucky #marvel


firefighter! percy 🔥and professor! jason 📚 is good food
#jercy #hoo


jercy inspired by one of my favorite songs ever of my favorite band!! say you don’t want it - one night only. if you’ve never seen it, do it right now. srsly. you’re welcome ♡

#jercy #hoo


'i left you once. i'll never leave you again'


black lion! black lion! black lion!
i know there’s the ‘shiro is on the astral thing’ theory, but i was watching black panther again and thought about this au. here, the black lion indeed teleported shiro away, for an advanced and peaceful - already - galra-free planet. he loses his arm ocasionally - in a fight with some wild animal there, maybe - and stays under the royal family's protection. maybe his arm could be replaced by another one, made out of altean technology. and yes, the princess in this au is heavily inspired by baby shuri too!

he’s there, all handsome with his new long hair, waiting for his team to find him 💕💛 #takashishirogane #voltron


hug you cowards

#steverogers #tonystark #marvel


i know there is a ‘draw your fave character wearing your outfit’ challenge, but here i wanted to do that and a ‘draw your fave character as you’. so here jason is wearing my clothes, eating my favorite dessert - lemon pie - and reading my favorite book - guess it if you can! - and i invite anyone who’d like to, to do it! it was so much fun 💞💕
#jasongrace #hoo


you know you're my saving grace 💫☄️ #jercy #hoo


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