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Surrounded by texts, Frank ocean in my ear,
Lost my phone some time ago
Send me owls
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Today marks 6 years into my spiritual journey.
There's so much I've learned from so many and I'm grateful for every moment.
I'm grateful for those moments I deviated from the path, it taught me grace
I'm grateful for the times I was balling, it showed me how to give
I'm grateful for the times I had nothing, it showed me humility
I'm grateful to those who walked away from the faith, it taught me patience,
I'm grateful to those who pour into me, thank you. I love you.
Much more growing to do, things to learn, mistakes to make
But I reach to learn truth, and live in that space
To God be the Glory 📸- @rj.eldridge

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~Escaping political noise with strokes of wonder, out on the floor sagging with my melanin brothers~
exploitation culture tangled up with new ghettos of the suburbs, white flight with the first class seats, listening to TDE, praise God on Sunday, forget the message on Monday, watch the president wild out yet call it a good day. They say the good culture is all from Rome, my white girl told me she ain't gonna marry Jerome ~let us escape~

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Blacklisted Bohemian; let her hills give hope to the ones who thirst. 📷-@rj.eldridge

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Been unplugged so to speak, working on a new exhibition and all that but I peak in every once in a while.
Social media is funny. Go check out the popular page, scroll through some photos and choose 10 at random. Go to their profile and read their bio. Tally all consistency's, every time you see: designer, business owner, CEO, pro #model, clothing brand etc...
Now give all them stuntmen a round of applause. 😁 👏👏👏 Now we all exaggerate and stunt from time to time but fam, we all can't have clothing lines. We all can't be models. We need bartenders and Uber drivers in this world! Be proud of your journey, live as you are. Be authentic.
Or don't.
You get more likes than me. You got things figured out.
Here's another picture of Jerome.

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Chicago metropolitan area

For years I looked up to those around me. Admiring their character, their work, their creativity, their swagger. I always looked for a teacher, that Master Jedi that would help me navigate my powers and pass on the legacy. However, nobody seems to have answers in their own life, let alone advise another. Where is the wise man?
Well I guess the sage I've been looking for, is actually me. I'm that guy is what I'm saying, getting things done around here.
No one does what I do, No older artist, discipler, community elder, or minister can enlighten me on my path, I like all must walk in the light best I can with what I have and follow the mission that I believe I was chosen for. I guess I've grown up a bit. Bless up

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If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?

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@starlottamilan 📷- @hairby_aliyah

Silent Funny

Traveling in cold weather, revisiting sacred spaces, rekindling old faces,
The moon becomes a time band
The Wine - O' becomes the wise man,
You wish em well in the wishing well,
A glimpse within a years span

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Archive House

Wanna be an artist without actually doing that boring thinking stuff or that dull repetitive thing called practice?
Ok! Here are the steps.
1) get a pen
2) get paper
3) close your eyes, try to look serious.
4) draw a giraffe, from memory. Don't open eyes.
5) draw city you live in right behind him.
6) open eyes. Frame. Write narrative about the drawing with alot of unnecessary collegiate level language and abstract themes. I suggest you Google them first.
7) show in fancy space. Wear black, don't be to invested in people who come out.
8)Sell $1200 give large percentage to fancy space.
9) post pics on the gram or it didn't happen.
10) you did it! You genius you. People will buy your poop on wood if you contextualized it. Go ahead. Poop on wood. Sell it. Who's to say it's crap?
(Results may very depending on race, class and gender.)
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Chicago metropolitan area

With the people that I won't forget

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Pilsen, Chicago

| Reflected | Intresting times, difficult challenges. However I am incredibly encouraged and grateful to be alive during this period of the world. We represent the most creative, ecclective, conscious generation that has walked this earth, and Chicago especially is filled with the most brilliant, beautiful, joy filled creators that have accomplished wonders within a very short period of time. I know this, because accomplishing wonders is my specialty.
Entrepreneurs, artist, business owners, volunteers, citizens, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Immigrants, HB`S. RELEASE ALL OF THAT NEGATIVE ENERGY FROM 2017. let's walk into the new year with a new hope. Each other.
Problems need solutions, let us accomplish wonders! 📷- @rj.eldridge

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Downtown Hyde Park Chicago

How many times this year did you shoot your shot for your dream? How many times did you miss the mark? How many times did God give you the chance to shoot again?

This December I've stayed off social media largely to reflect on my game, get some conditioning going for 2018. I won't make it at 40, I'm making it before 30. And when I mean "make it" it's not the superficial glam of "likes", "followers", or real life fame. You ain't gotta know me. I preferred if you didn't. However I do want you to know my work, for it to resonate with you, inspire you, uplift you. I'm still in the gym as it were, growing both aesthetically and spiritually, before 2018 comes, reflect on the shots that you've taken.

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Flossmoor, Illinois