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ACTUALLY INSANE @art.ic.monkeys


This vidcon has been such a blast. What a GD blessing it is to come back to youtube after a year and a half and still find ppl stoked to watch my stuff. Truly thankful. 😊
📷: @chrissirosephotography


BTS of After Ever After 3! Not so fun fact: I've had to shoot every After Ever After vid twice because the first edit always comes out janky. This is from the first shoot-- I chose a weird color palette and put the lights way too close to my face. Also the performances were too manic. Also I didn't put makeup on and looked real tired lol. 👵🏻


When it takes more time to color the pictures than to make the video 🙂




Part 2 🤠




She's on a date She's in a public restroom She tucks her shirt in now


Renaissance Festival We Are White!


Love you so much Jack and Erin. Your wedding was stunning and I'm so so happy for yall love birds. <3


Find someone who looks at you the way the google pixel looks at me. 📷: @harto


I hope everyone has so so much fun watching Star Wars this weekend and I'd also like to thank you for following me! Cuz legit without the numbers on my social medias I wouldn't have these opportunities and I don't take you for granted. Not even you, Marcy, who once commented "make more videos!!" even though I didn't want to right then. Thanks y'all. 🙂