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Words can’t express how sad we are. We lost a dear friend and the biggest @philadelphiaeagles fan. Felix - I love you. I miss my friend. Thank for all the memories. Thank you for all the advice and wisdom. Thank you for our talks. I will see you again buddy. Until we are. Making you proud of us everyday


We just celebrated our 1 yr anniversary. And looking back on the last year, it’s crazy to think what we’ve been through. I love being the lucky one that gets to wake up next to you every morning and see that smile. That smile starts my day. You warm my heart everyday. And together, everyday, we get to celebrate being ALIVE. I love you. Marrying you and was the best thing I ever did. I love you babe happy late anniversary. @annalisedorenbos are a little behind on posting. We were to busy celebrating with each other and @saintthedoodle. I love you


It’s an amazing feeling. The confetti falling on you. I got to experience it 1st on AGT and then at Super Bowl LII -
It takes heart. It takes passion. It takes love, hard work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment. It takes others supporting you and giving you
Inspiration. A lifetime of preparation for that one moment that changes everything... the moment you feel confetti hitting your face. From one Golden Buzzer to another - CONGRATS!!! @zurcaroh@annalisedorenbos and I loved it👍👍 #agt #goldenbuzzer


Happy Mother's Day to 5 of the worlds greatest moms. My mom - we remember and smile everyday thinking of you. My sister, Krissy, My amazing Aunt/mom, who raised my sister and I, and my grandma. You are all my inspiration. And my mother-In-law Pam. We love you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. @missannalisedale And I love all of you all. #MomsRule


CASH AT YOUR DORENBOS - thank you @theellenshow and @shutterfly - gave away $60,000 to these fans! Awesome. See their reactions. Lol. What would your reaction be?


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This is one of my favorite fan surprises of the season. Don’t miss "Cash at Your Dorenbos," tomorrow.


After playing in philly for over a decade - and bleeding green - this made laugh out loud


🍔 In N Out


The world lost a special soul and a special friend. We will miss you @colin.delaney - you fought for so long. Now you will Rest In Peace. Pain free. Watch over us. If you have seen the movie Gladiator you will understand this - “I will see you again. Just not yet.” Love you buddy


Mood. #letsdothis