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There’s nothing like having the entire place to yourselves - sunrise will always be my favourite time of day! On another note, thanks so much for the overwhelming response to my recent China series, you guys are the best! 🎋

Kyoto, Japan

If you don’t hear from me for the next few days, you’ll know where to find me. Also, taking over the @artofvisuals page for the day with some of my favourite shots from Asia, come say hello! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Ko Panyi

Nothing beats the striking contrast between industrial and rural China, a country that is now like a second home to me. Where’s home for you guys? 🏘️


I think we’ve found our new favourite workspace! After getting hundreds of replies to my ‘one thing you dislike about Instagram’ question, I have another - If you could introduce one new feature to improve Instagram, what would it be and why? 📚

Hirakata, Osaka

It seems Spring has arrived early in Japan! We spent the morning amongst the clouds with this place all to ourselves - a perfect start to the trip. Also, who’s down for a huge story series from China? 🌸

Nachi Falls

As the sun broke over the distant mountains, a local farmer and his buffalo made their way through the golden mist to cross this ancient bridge - definitely one of my favourite travel memories to date. Tell me one of yours below! 👨🏻🌾


The past three weeks in China have been nothing short of incredible. From standing atop karst mountains, to following farmers through the rice terraces, it’s fair to say I’m missing it already. I’d love to know your thoughts on the China series so far - fire away! 🍃


After a hectic last few days exploring Zhangjiajie National Park, we are just about to board our flight to Japan! What are you guys up to right now? 🤘🏼

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I got 99 problems but a bend ain’t one. For real though, this road has 99 of them, and is also known as ‘The Road to Heaven’s Gate’ - I can totally see why! 🐍

Tianmen Mountain

Tranquil evenings on the Li River. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot with Grandpa Huang, and to document a tradition that is unfortunately dying out, like many others, due to the increase of tourism in our ever developing world. The fact is, this man now earns far more through tourism that he would have done catching and selling fish locally. What are your thoughts? 🎣

Xingping, Guangxi, China

By far my favourite sunrise spot to date. So good, that we’ve already booked our return flights for May. Who’s coming? 🇨🇳


The urban racing stripes of Hong Kong. Having spent the last few days exploring the insane Chinese countryside, it’s been amazing to switch off, yet impossible to upload any new content (1st world problems!). Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend, wherever you are! 🏢

Hong Kong