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There’s a storm a-brewing.
I’m hoping the predicted storm arrives in England & Bristol over the weekend. I’ve always loved storms ever since I was a kid. I would just sit and watch them for hours in awe.
This photo was taken at 11:30pm at night, during a super moon in 2016 on the night of the blood moon eclipse. People have accused me of adding a night sky into a day time landscape image as they can’t accept that the moon can create that much light. It’s literally just a simple 30 second exposure and that’s why I love weather dependant photography. There’s so many surprises 🙂


S is for sheep and snow showers


Colour curves


Two weeks ago I decided to have a break from social media and what a two weeks it's been!
In the time I've been gone, I've landed myself a job, got a desk in an office full of creative's, got three travel jobs for the summer and bought a pushbike.
I've spent more time with my family and friends, spent time excersising and eating healthier and much more time making music.
However I'm back and I have something very important to start working on.
Over the coming months I will be filmimg a documentary with @crissycriss about mental health in the music industry.
It's a subject I feel so strongly about, having suffered from depression and anxiety over the years myself and I'm honoured to be able to film something that will hopefully help raise awareness.
I look forward to being able to share more about this with you very soon.
For now I'm just glad to be back on track and I hope over the summer, I can bring you some new content that might make you smile a little 🙂 .
PS. I'm so grateful for the support and kind words that everyone gave me on my previous photo. Words don't have to power to express my gratitude to you all. You're the best & I hope you're all ok! It's amazing how much a few words or a smile can do to help lift someone's day. So I just want to say thank you! & I'll shut up and take some photos now 😄


I'm going to take a little break from social media. I don't know how long I'll be gone for, maybe days, maybe weeks. Who knows. I just know I need time to realise what's important again as well as time to get some work done. I need to learn to enjoy 'all the small things' (great song, and now its in your head 😅!). Instagram saved me from myself 6 years ago and gave me something to focus on in life, something to help me get out of bad places, however recently, it just feels like it's kicking me in the face.
I will be back but only when I'm sure that I'm happier in what I'm doing and happier with the content I'm creating.
Just to add, I've always appreciated the support from you lot. It's meant more than I can explaon. See you soon 💜


Escape route


Oh hey there @carlaannne 👋😁


Old Suns


The Dancing house


The calm feeling of the bamboo forest before anyone arrived was something that words can't describe. Looking back at these photos feels so surreal as I still can't believe it actually happened. Japan is such a special place and I'm so thankful that I was given the chance to go.
Thanks so much to @daveburt for the opportunity and also to @lewypee for being a legend. (Can we go back for that epic miso ramen!? 🍜😄)


After watching Blade Runner 2049, my view on light & colour changed. I absolutely loved the cinematics and lighting in that film. It really opened my eyes and made me start to see light differently and that's given me a new view on photography. Its taken a long time but I'm finally enjoying this again :)


The scale of this is imponderable.
The cloud to the left of the Matterhorn was not just passing by, it was actually being produced from the evaporating snow on the mountain. It's a sight I'll never forget and I can only wish to see again some day.


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