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Thinking of this genius. Sending love and peace to her and her family. Hoping for the best and listening to her immortal instrument on full blast. #thequeen


Been singing this song solo, been singing it with duet partners, even got to sing it with Paul once. First time properly recording it after all these years. It’s a song and message that has gotten me through a lot. A behemoth to sing and we call it the “kitchen sink” on the album because we went👏🏻there. Here’s a #snippet of Bridge Over Troubled Water.


Feels like a good time for another #bridges snippet. One of my favorite songs (Run) with one of my favorite humans/artists (@officialsarahmclachlan) we did this on tour a couple summers ago and I knew instantly we had to record it. Can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing. This track is a warm blanket of good feels and I hope it brings you peace. ✌🏻 #sept21


Fans and friends, we lost a wonderful soul today. Jennifer Romanowski was a passionate fan and such a kind woman and we always loved seeing her at concerts, charity events, and any other nutty thing I decided to do. She was there. I’ll most fondly remember us running through the Times Square Hyatt shooting a music video for their Christmas campaign. Cancer is a real fucker. She fought bravely to the end and we’ll miss her. Love to her family.


I’m in another SNIPPET mood. Musica Del Corazon written by me, @lestermendez and Claudia Brant and featuring the 🔥 Vicente Amigo on 🎸. #bridges #sept21


Happy Tuesday!
#proudnorwegian #vikingpower #golf


I will now interpretive dance my anxiety for you


Behold! The first trailer for The Good Cop, comin’ atcha sept 21! This show was so fun to make, working with @tonydanza, @isiahwhitlockw, @monicabarbaro and @chilltrillbill was a dream. Andy Breckman is a genius and wrote some truly wonderful characters for a show that hopefully will be fun for the whole fam. Bang bang put em in jail.


👮🏻‍♂️👀 #thegoodcop #sept21


TFW your twin introduces himself at the gym


#bridges #promo


I feel like sharing a snippet. @jennifernettles you are just too damn good and cool. #99years #bridges #sept21