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Fun one at Ken club this week! The magical powers of the @cdfraser9 mod. Keep your eyes on @guccimoonboots slicing up a little Ken club edit soon 🎥
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Trip snap trip whirl. Sound on🎧
Thanks @codygriz for the inspo.
Go try a snap whirl! They are tough!
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“Am I really all the things that are outside of me?” #taste #animalcollective #quadforthesquad #kendama #sweetskendamas #mtashland #sunset #family


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Fun 360 pop shove at the best view point in Ashland #acidcastles
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@sweetskendamas #firstspikechallenge
Get out there and spread the kendama Love! Sweets is giving a way one of everything they make to one lucky person who completes this challenge every month!!! Check out their post for the Details!
I nominate @1000wordswontdo @guzmastergriswold and @edwin_james_dama to get out to a local target a get someone to land the #firstspikechallenge !!! #kendama #targetkendama #growthmindset #build #community #perceivebelieveachieve #unlockyourpotential #sweetskendamas


Joshua Flow Grove

Haven’t posted a clip in a minute. Hippie flipping out of this flu.
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Kendama is Family. Kendama is changing and empowering lives.

Still sleep deprived from this BEYOND epic MKO weekend.
A Raw and brief recap of the @mnkendamaopen. Didn’t get nearly enough pictures or video on my phone. Stay tuned for a legit recap video!

Workshops, building new relationships, making new friends, students competing in their first ever competition, the worlds best players going head to head, new tricks unlocked on stage, can food drives, Kendama class sets fundraised, first spikes achieved, champions crowned.

Im honored to have had @kendama_institute be in partnership with this years MKO. Huge shout out to all of the sponsors helping spread Kendama love and awareness and giving all the students and players a platform to build tools for life long success. Huge special thanks to @sweetskendamas for making this possible you have literally continued to blow my mind in helping bring my dreams to life. Thank you @kencastlekd for hosting your workshop on mindset and thank you @mello0ut, @daun_yon and everyone else this weekend whom continued to get new people to achieve their first Spike and truly embody the essence of Kendama love.

May we all use this next year to grow bigger and stronger for next years MKO.
I love you all!!!!!
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Joshua Flow Grove

So completely satysified with the work @ebin_flow did capturing the magic of the @rogue_dama team and myself teaching during one of our @kendama_institute southern Oregon programs in a recent @ymca tour.

It’s absolutely wild to look back 5 years ago where I had a dream of bringing transformative Kendama education to the school systems on a mass scale.
Dreams take time to bloom just like a seed germinating and growing. Don’t give up on your dreams. No matter how many times people tell you it will never work. Perceive it believe and you will achieve it.
Please come learn more at MKO about how you can get involved and help us bring Kendama education to schools, organizations and communities around the word.
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My entry for the #Jarodportercontest @jawrrr
@instagram took down my post 3 times in a row so hopefully this song works...
Just saw this an hour before the deadline and loved the idea... so the challenge was to do one of your favorite tricks 3 times in a row. One of my favorite tricks is this one. Sara grip “Around the _________” not sure what to call this. ( thoughts?) This trick is one of my favorites because it forces me to completely merge my mind and body. This is a trick I will do as a morning meditation to align my breath with motion and align my body with my mind. For me Flow is becoming fully present in the current activity at peak capacity. This sequence is my dose of flow medicine that puts me into the space I know I need to be in to thrive.
The balance needed and rotational precision of this trick reminds me that “today”won’t necessarily be simple, yet when I align my self and place my complete energy into the task it can and will be done.

This trick and Any other sequential kendama trick is is all about finishing the phrase, fully completing the task, and not skipping a moment of connection with the activity. At times our minds tend to wonder elsewhere within or during the very last transition of the sequence. Thus creating a disconnect from full mind body connection and the sequence renders incomplete and we are challenged to try again.
Some choose to give up in these moments. Yet why these types of tricks mean so much to me is the ability to recognize these moments as a catalysis-tic learning opportunity to... be Patient, observe and adjust, and persevere.
I nominate @bonzatron Even though the deadline is up in 15 mins. I wanna see one of your favs three times over ✊️🌀🙏🏻
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Joshua Flow Grove

World mental health day is today. I want to thank and give shout outs to everyone whom has shared their story with us, believed in us and brought our team of educators in to work with their students, educators and practitioners.
With 10 programs currently running in Minneapolis we are working directly with about 150 youth a week.
With half of mental illnesses beginning around the age of 14, and the second leading cause of death between the ages of 15-29 being suicide, it is imperative that we stay committed to spreading the powerful benefits this amazing tool and game can bring to individuals and communities.
From P.E to after school programs, YMCA’s to youth empowerment centers, from educator trainings and expos to motivational assemblies, we are pushing for greater recognition of the importance of mental and emotional resilience. And providing a path for a healthier, more connected, empowered and inspired generation.
Our programs are providing people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to practice building resiliency through Kendama play and community in a fun, engaging and creative environment.

We practice, we play, we share our experiences, we encourage one another, we create and hold safe spaces, we practice listening to each others needs. We push each other to improve and we work to transform stress. Implementing mindfulness through play we move with purpose and passion, instilling the principle that loving kindness is always in fashion.

With an intense amount of data and statistics out in the world about mental illness, depression, anxiety and beyond. We want you to know that you are loved and will always be welcome in the Kendama community.
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Joshua Flow Grove

Me and @bonzatron have been skeeming on this doubles idea, we gave it a few minutes at the @612brew Kendama jam this eve. Super fun✊️💙🙏🏻🌀🌀🌀 @Sweetskendamas #kendama #sweetskendamas #kromkendama #bonzai #brothers #buildbridgesnotwalls #perceivebelieveachieve #community