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Pro boxer, proud dad, boxingjunkie, 25-1 15 ko's #futureworldchamp #westphillymade


Why doesn’t this surprise me🤔 I blame they’re father 1st and society 2nd but a while back I listened to a interview with the rapper #kodackblack and he went on about how he doesn’t find darkskin woman attractive and he only dates “Lightskin woman” and I thought boy is he 1ignorant dickhead 🤦🏽‍♂️ than I thought to myself🤔 I wonder why he feels this way than I thought about how black people make the darker skinned black people feel less beautiful...even tho he’s a successful rapper now! he’s probably been called black and ugly his whole life so it’s not the darkskin woman he doesn’t find beauty in! he doesn’t find it in himself ...because of the way he’s been ridiculed and made fun of his whole life because he’s dark skinned he probably doesn’t want to have kids with a darkskin woman being afraid of his kid going threw what he went threw now I know black people have so many different beautiful colors but we (as in black people) gotta stop making the darkskin people feel less beautiful simply because they’re darker...we’re literally chasing our people away from our own people 🤦🏽‍♂️ ard I’m done✌🏽 if u don’t agree idgaf 🤷🏾‍♂️#jusmyopinion


Money for revenge man that hardly an expense al haymon checks off a all a my events 👊🏽🤑 be back in the ring early fall and I’m 👀 for all the smoke


Kiddie prom 2018 my baby is growing so fast 😩😍 all I’m gonna say is The love between father an daughter is unexplainable,indescribable ❤️ I’ll do anything to keep that smile glowing


I’ll Be back in the ring real soon 🥊 don’t ask me who this guy is cuz idk 🤷🏾‍♂️


What I take from this pic is that You need an equal amount of knowledge and money to see the entire picture....comment your thoughts on what you think this pic means 🤔


Tbt 2006-07🤔 me an my guy Lody at somebody's hotel party I don't remember who🤷🏾‍♂️ but the moral of the pic is my bro got sentenced to LIFE in prison WITHOUT the possibility of parole in 2011 when he was only 20-21 yrs old he didn't do no living he don't have no kids majority of the people he thought was his friends are no longer around it's just him & his bad decisions fighting that time.... fast forward 2018 it's hot out so all the bone heads that's looking to catch some wreck and be putting shit down for no reason y'all better THINK!!! Before you pull that trigger because essentially your ruining 2lives. Yours and the victims! as it stands RIGHT NOW! my man is NEVER! coming home he rumbling tho I'm hoping they give some of that time back we talk like 2x a week and I'm not gonna lie I don't know what to say sometimes I just stay positive..they got some tv upstate so he sees some of my fights he calls me happy af afterwards anybody that knows him knows he a silly funny mf😆 and will give you the shirt off his back...but all in all he never complains and he standing what he did 💯💯


Tbt Eid 2014 or 2015 🤔 the blessed month of Ramadan is almost here in'sha'allah 😊😊


I might have 100$ on me or I might have 100k on me but you'll never know the difference #westphillymade🥊💪🏾💯🤘🏾🤙🏾 #freshoutdamud


Tbt @shosports I been had moves 🥊😎


#BLUFFCALL101 you so confident bet the purse or shut up 🤐they all got quiet when I said that 😆 arrogance and fake confidence only takes you but so far #wheresthemanager😂 look @leonardellerbe face tho 😂😂


4-9-15 today is my Haitian princesses 👑anniversary there is not enough words to explain how I feel about this little lady she's just so amazing and I'm blessed to be her father watching her grow so fast is mind boggling I feel like I jus brung her home yesterday 😩


Don't ever question my chin or my 🥜 they both made of steel 💪🏾