Julia Eszter Oláh@julia.onbike.olah

Solo traveling women on a 🚵🏽‍♀️, Nordkapp-Morocco 2017-2018 . Now: Home 🇸🇪


In the long run, if I manage to inspire one person to take the bike instead of anything else, it’s a win!
I don’t know if that’s the case here, but my roomie just borrowed my bags, packed his old one-geared bike and off he went on a two day trip!
Everyone can and everyone should try! 😍
Hope the rain doesn’t eat you alive @carlmartinson!!


People getting stressed when things are not working as it should nowadays. I just ❤️ it. Things that are out of my control makes my shoulders drop. Ahhhh.
Have I ever told you this is my favourite bridge in Gothenburg? It still is, in every weather.
(Sorry guys if you did not expect me to 🎥, let me know if you find yourself on instagram)


|SUNSET| I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises indeed. Every time I see the sky turn into madness I grab my camera and run up the hill. Luckily I have my little mountain just fife minutes from my home.
Today it was one of those evenings 😍


On Thursday the 28th of June I am gonna share with you some stories and pictures from my little bike adventure! Hopefully get you inspired of cycling more or even pack your bike for a longer ride!
Also you will see Gothenburg's new and awesome outdoor-second-hand-shop @tracksrecycle!
Don't forget to pre-book your seat. Link in bio!




|STUFF| you know necessary stuff, like boots (already one month overtime in these ones, too hot!), snus, my killer googles that fits perfectly if I put them up-side-down on my lovely life insurance called Mojito! That's all!
Have a magic evening!


Lots of big cities lately which also came with heart warming hangouts. I'm so blessed ❤️ But tonight it's just me, my tent and the birds 🌼


|STOCKHOLM| Cycling with an old friend of mine in the sunny capital. Classic ladies bike with no gears, so chill, life’s good 👌🏽🌞


Sometimes borrowing someone else’s bicycle is pretty awesome. Two days I watched happy people cycling in Oslo, day three I was the happy one cycling in Oslo, Bygdøy. Thanks to @hannaroloff , Sindre and Michael for a magic weekend ✌🏽


|LUNCH DATE| more of these with old friends. Today I visited Sixten at his new place KIOSKEN at Ringön. What an awesome project he is building. Make sure to go and grab a coffee or build some art! 👌🏽👏🏽


It feels so good to be a part of a tiny, but big enough, community of cyclists, adventures and cycle tourers. Five days ago I met @timbogdanov for the first time after we both knew each other through instagram.
It's so inspiring listen to his stories from all kinds of cycle trips and high mountain expeditions he made. Today he started his trip to Russia, on his bike. I joined him for the first 50km.
In about one month he will be back, repack his bags and head for the high mountains.
Don't miss out!


There was some of this great long climbs and beautiful sceneries in Spain in the area of Sierra Nevada. Minus degrees in the night and beautiful summer in the day time.
There was some hard days when I just wanted to scream out loud, which I did, but I can't blame this view 💛