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≫T h e⠀ H a p p i e s t ⠀F o x ≪


You know how some children can’t wait to grow up and be just like their dad? That’s Moose and Fig’s relationship.
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Our other carpet was a worthy adversary against the Queen, but this PetProof carpet from @homedepot has her beat. 👑


Annnnnd in this corner we have Juniper “The Queen” Fox 💪🏼👊🏼


Fig the Fox Makes a Squeak


Every time I post a photo or video in our living room you guys comment asking how we keep our carpet so white and clean. Well, the secret is the type of carpet! It’s the PetProof Carpet from @homedepot . Without them the living room would look like this.

This is what the carpet in the rest of the house looks like. After seeing how well the living room has held up, we decided to replace the carpet in all the other rooms as well. I have to say, I’m not even a little upset to say goodbye to these disaster areas. Photos coming later this week 👏🏼


Alien Gecko No. 2
Meet Trico’s new companion. She’s still pretty young, but once she’s a little older and big enough they will both be going into a huge vivarium together. In the meantime, now that she’s been here a few weeks and I know she’s doing well, she needs a name! Help me decide 👇🏼💕


You working that up-do 👏🏼


Sometimes your children have fur and snaggled teeth and that’s okay too 💕


The sun is shining, the fox is smiling, and everything will be okay.




Juniper, Queen of Destruction.
Living with a fox can be both rewarding and exhausting. Check out our most recent story to see a video of Junipers interior decorating skills.
Our next video on Patreon will feature an inside look at what damage two red foxes can actually do to a home and how we try to safeguard against it. Click the link in our bio to join me there!


What’s that old saying about sharing? 😂


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