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Very Lazy & fat 93kg PL with a shit deadlift trying to change the 1st two x
Comp total: 680; 272.5/170/237.5. 413.98 wilks

Man put his PB socks on today!
mad forearm pain from low bar squats earlier in the week (my fault, didnt keep up w shoulder mobility) meant we had to do a last minute deload, so today we had some AMRAPs.
Squats:237.5x4@9.. Yes its 100% a 9 lmao. Im shit at reps so mans happy v happy.
Deadlifts: 200x7@idk first reps flew but my legs were DONE and i died a quick death but we have way more there; confident ive got like a 15-20kg pb coming lmao.
Shoutouts to @uldredd
for supplying me with the 🔑's, pushing me and calming me down when man starts to panic. Couldnt ask for better ❤️
3 PBs in the last 2 days.
in 8 weeks, 2 of which i had tonsilitis and DIED.
squats went from 220x3@9 - 237.5x4@9
bench went from 160x2-160x6.
e1rm on deads has gone from 240-255. Am buzzing.
Much Love ❤️


we sick AF, we sleep deprived AF, We hitting PBS tho 😍😍😍
227.5x4@8 YAS QUEEN
160x4@8.5, this is 94% of my peaked max. Could not be happier.
@uldredd turning me into a man ❤️


D1: UGLY Sqwat 7s w/ 185 followed by 9s on bench w 115. EZ money
D2: 6x5 deads @180 followed by 5x2@140 3CT pause bench.. legs were sore af today but this is the best deads have ever with a decent amount of volume, bar was just moving consistently and easily. buzzing.
@uldredd w the 🗝️s


had to move tomorrows session to today so ya man was fucked but we got it done.. squats; 210x4@6ish, PB lmao (vid 1) followed by 220x4@8ish PB. (vid 2) my rack position? was fucking dog shit which made everything feel EAVY
bench: 147.5x4@fast 😂 (vid 3) followed by 155x4@i dont even know Anymore. bench gains are here iesu.
@uldredd showing me the 🗝️and making me work how i should be 👀 we kemmin #powerlifting #squat


Day 2: 6x4@180 deads & 5x2@135 extended pause bench, nice n EZ
D3: 3x8@150 high bar, sets actually got better as they went on. Then 4x6@115kg bench.. all EZ
Followed by Ab Roll outs Kms 😭
Am adapting the volume way better already which is awesome, intensity is ⬆️ but RPE is ⬇️ happy days bois
@uldredd #powerlifting


W2D1:: Had mad acid reflux during squats wrecked me 😂 so reps went 180x5(almost spewed), 7,6,6 all nice and easy
Bench was very easy, 8s@110kg
Money boys
#powerlifting #squat #bench


W1D5 - Good tough SBD session today.
Squats - 2x5@200kg@RPE 7ish.. Then back off 5s, was pretty gutted with this but I wouldn't have been touching this for volume 2 months ago so is a win.
Bench went good af, supposed to hit a top set of 5@7.5.. took 81% - 137.5 which was piss, so jumped to 142.5 for a PB, ALSO PISS. So jumped up again to 147.5 for a a 7.5kg PB which was still, PISS, probably only a rpe 6.5 max.
deads - 3x7@155, v easy bois
@uldredd @grymm__ #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift
ALSO SHOUTOUTS TO @tomcollins16 and @alex_burbs for the spotting, filming and most importantly: helping me unload bar lmao xo


W1D3.. recovery 3s on squats between 190 and 200.. Then some v easy 7s on bench at 110.. got easier each set as positioning got better. Rest day tomorrow and I canny wait 😫😫😫 @uldredd @grymm__ #powerlifting #wpa #roadto300kg


W1D2 featuring a different angle of my 272.5kg Squat, I'm gonna milk this lmao.
6x3@180 tonight, bois am sore from squats but it moved alright once I got going
5x3@130 extended pause bench.. got easier each set.. 😍
Followed by curls n hammies weh
@uldredd @grymm__ #powerlifting


W1D1 of the new development block.
BOIIIS we are feeling sore from Saturday but everything moved surprisingly well. 4x7@175kg on squats, 4x9@107.5kg on bench, followed by rows and some painful split squats 💔
My first session under @uldredd and I'm excited for the kick up the ass he's gonna give me so I can actually be competitive at the British 🤔 #powerlifting


Awesome day at the Swansea Uni vs Cardiff Uni PL comp. Big thanks to @fpt_fil for getting this sorted! Gutted we lost by under 10 wilks points 😪 but personally had a good day myself, 272.5 Squat PB, 170 bench PB, and a poor 237.5 deadlift lmao for a 680kg/1500lbs total. 413.98 wilks. And won best lifter of the day! #powerlifting #squat #bench


Decent session earlier today even though we felt like shit. Back getting better, starts to flare up once volume creeps up so just a 5x2 between 200 and 220 tonight, then some easy back off 4s. followed by this 162.5x1 bench with was pretty breazy with a self liftoff. Happy days. Cheers to @nathanielbrownwctn for the spot and training talk! 8 days out #powerlifting #squat #bench