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#EdRuscha, 1974, cherries on satin.


A “hidden” #KeithHaring mural was just unveiled in Amsterdam! 🎥 by @sashabogojev


Marbling by @firdevscalkanoglu... Via @processvideo


@kimkeever.art paints in water. New show at @waterhousedodd coming soon. . .


“Sometimes we use the street to just talk. And we don't care what happens after.” — @osgemeos, Summer 2018 cover artists. Link in bio. 🥁🎹🎧 by @aesoprockwins


The feeling of Thursday morning, as exemplified by @brunopontiroli


All done. Cover artists @osgemeos in Düsseldorf, Germany:


“Times are changing rapidly, and queer imagery seems to finally be leaving the margins of visual culture. There is a kind of wariness I feel about that sometimes, as queer culture can also be a place to be stranger or more idiosyncratic than the mainstream would permit. That being said, I feel motivated to make the kind of imagery I wish that I had seen growing up as a young gay person questioning myself and my desires...” — @kylevudunn to @juxtapozmag // full interview on our site


Keeping it classy with @pejac_art in #Paris // 🎥 by @sashabogojev, more in our Story 👆


Something about this reminds us of being bored in school and playing with post-it stacks... or making a cool flip book? Art by @lukasvojir via @visual.fodder


“It is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t. I’m a pretty chill person, and my work, for me, is inspired by life, not conceptual ideas relating to movements. But art should be free for interpretation, so that’s what it is...” @monicakimgarza, Summer 2018 issue.