Kaffeine London@kaffeinelondon

Two Australian cafes in Fitzrovia, London.
66 Great Titchfield St. & 15 Eastcastle St. Established 2009.
Often imitated, never beaten.


The blackboard of knowledge, dropping pearls of wisdom since 2009.
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These have been on our menu since we opened. The amazing Italian roast ham from legend Italian suppliers Villanova along with tallegio cheese, spinach and plum tomatoes in a @sevenseeded french butter croissant. Toasted on the grill, so the cheese melts and oozes all over the ham. One of the best breakfast croissants ever invented. Available both stores every morning until sold out⠀

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Staff feature for the week. Senior Lead Barista at our Eastcastle street store Paulina ‘ Panda’ Miczka, or @panda_brews. Paulina has been with Kaffeine since February 2015 after starting her coffee career in Poland, moving to London and working at @ozone and @curators_coffee then coming to us. Since then she has come 4th in world in 2015 @aeropress world champs in Seattle, then was crowned the actual @aeropress World Champion in 2017! She has moved up from barista to Senior Lead Barista and is totally leading the way in London coffee scene and setting examples for baristas everywhere on what you can achieve with hard work and determination, a sense of humour and a smile.


Applications are now open for experienced service staff to join our original store on Great Titchfield Street. Message us, or check Coffee Jobs board for details. Fantastic opportunity to join one of the leading cafes in the U.K. We look forward to hearing from you, all applicants replied to.


That moment when your former Lead Barista, founder of Noble Espresso (rip) and founder of @theestatedairy @shaunyoung201 walks in and you’re getting hammered and he jumps on the machine to smash out a few drinks and bust the queue.


There are so many business books available, it’s hard to know where to start. This is where I started in 2007, two years before opening Kaffeine. The @emyth revisited. I read it and then read it again immediately after. When I presented my business plan to @jimseven he said ‘oh you’ve read the E-Myth’. As you may see, it’s been read a few times since and even has coffee stains on it. A super fantastic book for anyone who has or is about to have their own business. I now give this book to all our new managers as a gift, because reading this and taking it on board is one of the best presents ever. Seriously. Highly recommended.


I remember my Dad back in Melbourne when I was a kid talking about certain blackboards and signs outside shops being funny, eye catching, thought provoking and relevant including a super famous one outside a church in Hawthorn in the 1980’s that talked about a superstar football player for the @hawthornfc and his being ‘God’. Then in London in 2008 at the legendary @tasteoftwitaluv cafe in Hackney they once wrote this on their tiny blackboard outside their place. Inspiration and details from over 40 years of watching and learning from so many places. Today the ‘blackboard of knowledge’ lives on in Fitzrovia. Long may he continue. Respect to all those before and those who inspire us to keep it real, from the tiny Hackney cafe to the Church minister in suburban Melbourne and my Dad for making them so memorable. Legends.


The savoury scroll. Another of our menu items that has been on the counter since 2009, though with weekly changing ingredients. Lightly toasted, best eaten warm. Filling, delicious, only at Kaffeine. Available both stores each day until sold out. Check our menu online for the weekly fillings. Great photo by @manvirreats. Hope you enjoyed it!


The @godsownjunkyard neon sign reflecting in our bespoke copper counter. Still going strong 3 years on. ⠀

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We fought long and hard to get cycle parking outside the cafe. Here is the space, why not use it! So many peeps on the bikes these days and so little places to safely park them. We have three bike hoops ready for you to park up, lock up and walk away. Eastcastle street only though. Thanks to @abbieanne for the perfect photo.⠀

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Long black coffee, toasted banana bread with Lescure butter, steamy windows on a cold outside but warm inside coffee shop Great photo by @lovelove__j via @latermedia )


The @sevenseeded almond croissant. If you’re going to treat yourself to something this is a great place to start. These guys have been supplying us with pastries since day one. Produced over two days, they are seriously delicious and as proper almond croissant as you can get. Limited quantities available each day at both stores. Treat yourself.


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