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Social media causes a lot of comparisons.... don’t fall for it. We have phases of life. It’ll NEVER always be good but it’ll NEVER always be bad. Get close to God and indentify where you are. Be a BETTER version of you daily , not THEM. Their story is theirs , your story is yours. Look .... I’ve been there. We all have (not understanding why things aren’t going right , or why not when I want it but)...... YOU HAVE TO SOW YOUR SEED , then nurture it, keep faith and watch it grow. YOUR FOUNDATION HAS TO BE STRONG‼️ your season will come. Until then celebrate what’s to come #godspromise He will give u beyond anything you could’ve ever expected🙏🏾🙏🏾 PREPARE


FROM @darealbbjudy #praythroughtheprocess is IMPORTANT ‼️ we are all nothing without God. Prayer is a simple conversation between us and Him. People often feel like if they don’t pray like those prayer warriors or like the people that speak in tongues that they are doing it wrong well that’s not true at all. It can simply be a few words of thanks , or a question , or a statement . It’s ok to not be the best in the beginning we all have to start somewhere 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 but u have to start (wig by @trina_bout_that_hairlife )


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I’m not even embarrassed to share this with y’all because someone may need to know.... but yes I lost my edges due to wearing frontals. My hairline and hair were just too sensitive to sustain that style. I was sooooo aggravated & embarrassed Bc I’m natural and I literally couldn’t do nothing or have cute styles Bc I had no edges. My family made fun of me but it was really a sensitive subject for me. I had hair down my back & no edges lmao. Looking crazy. So I know y’all be hearing about @kaleidoscopehairproducts probably wondering does it really even work. & the answer is yes! this is my progress. I used her drops. Hope this helps someone 😘❤️ excuse my bags, going through bereavement at the moment 😇