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💕when my hair looked and felt like cotton candy....😂🙈
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💥SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! WHO NEEDS A HUG FROM ME?!I’ll be giving’ out them hugs at @ipsy #ipsygenbeauty in San Francisco from 1-2pm on the Pink Carpet. So get your hug and selfie arms ready! ❤️💕


Me and my Plus One: The @yslbeauty sign....
TRUTH: I want you to know behind Instagram pictures....
Life is not perfect and everyone goes through challenges. My life is far from perfect and earlier in the day before I got ready, I was having a hard day, I cried in the shower, missing my grandma who went to heaven just 6 days ago. I had to try to stop crying again on the way to this event (because it’s not safe trying to drive with eyes full of tears ha ha).
I’ve lost 3 close family members in just the past few months. My Grampa, my Great-Grama and my brother-in-law’s dad. And I’ve gone through some difficult things this year that I haven’t even shared publicly. And it’s ok, we need to keep some things and spaces private and protect our hearts above “sharing everything”.
💖 I want you to know that if you are going through challenges or hard things, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I don’t want you to think my life is perfect. No ones life is. And if anyone says there’s is, they are not being real! 😂 ❤️It’s in the challenges and heartache where we grow more resilient, more understanding, loving, full of empathy and our hearts get stretched larger.
You never know what’s going on behind an Instagram post (I’ve cried shortly before or after I’ve posted things this year for sure) but you can be sure...I know we’re all going through, pushing through, fighting for & hoping for something. KEEP PUSHING! KEEP LOVING. KEEP GOING! YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE BLESSING, MIRACLES OR THE PERSON, UP AHEAD ONCE YOU PUSH PAST THESE STRUGGLES or HEARTACHE. ✨I am so thankful for little sparkles of joy everywhere in the harder times. And I hope you get some little sparkles of joy in your day no matter what you are going through. ✨You are awesome. You are stronger than you know. You’re not alone. And know that I hope anyone hurting can feel the hug I am sending you, my darling⭐️✨


✨Thank you @yslbeauty for giving me a reason to dress up and for a wonderful night✨💕
MAKEUP: yours truly
HAIR: @chrisdylanhair
WARDROBE: @jazminwhitley
EARRINGS: velvet hoops by @Nissan jewelry
#ysl #ootd #style #of #the #day


Is this dress GOLD or YANNY?!


🍊Orange is the new pants...
Here’s all the things that contributed to this photo:
YOU...for looking at it & reading this❤️
HAIR: @kahhspence
OUTFIT: top @speechlessdresses pants: @zeyneptosunofficial STYLED BY: @jazminwhitley
EARRINGS: my standard gold bamboo hoops
MAKEUP: by yours truly
WRISTBAND: by @beautycon
NAILS: @yire_castillo
REASON FOR BEING THERE: to get to meet you all the @ogx_beauty booth that filled my heart with love crying, laughing & smiling with everyone that came💕
PHOTO CRED TO THE FABULOUS: @patrickstarrr #fashion #photographer #beautyconla


💔😢...This is my “Super Grandma”...Gosh this is hard to write....she’s been the biggest influence on me and source of pure love, right next to my mom and dad. She took her last breath and even though I know she’s out of pain, I know she’s doing hand stands (see picture #4) in heaven with her mother...
I just miss her😢 She is the most positive, joyful, fun, happy, youthful spirited, loving, strong, determined, funny soul...
No matter what color my hair ever was and other people would say negative things to me, she would say “oh Mija, I love it! You look like a flower!”
She wisely told me long ago, when I had been made fun of for something I wore: “you just tell them, just me glad YOU don’t have to wear it!”
She loved to make every moment fun, Make every moment a party, loved to dance, loved to make tortillas, crotchet, look at the color of flowers...and she was thankful for everything...even just the beauty of the day. 😢I would call and ask “how are you Grammy?”...and she’d always reply “oh good! I’m still breathing Mija!”....
Shortly before she became non-responsive she said “I’ll be waiting for you in heaven, waving a flag”...💕🌈✨... I can’t wait to see you waving your flag Grammy❤️ I will live with more dancing, more fun, more noticing the details of flowers and even more positivity & joy for my Grammy, my Super Gramma💕


Without this beautiful woman (my mama @theshannonjohnson & my dad, who’s in heaven) I wouldn’t even be celebrating my birthday today.💕 I love her so much and her heart is pure gold and selfless kindness. 💖And Thank you to you all of You that sent me the kindest and loveliest birthday messages and love...
It’s been a hard-on-the-heart last week and it didn’t feel like time to have a birthday at all, it didn’t even feel like a birthday. But I can’t tell you how much my heart soaked up every bit of your love. Thank you so much for your gifts of love to my heart❤️💖💕✨


Can you believe my great-Grammy is 98?! 🤣My 3 favorite parts about the video are:
1. At the end when she says “I look Terrific!”
2. When she says “since nobody tells me, I say it to myself (she looks terrific” 🤣- life lesson for us all!
3. When she says “we’re grateful for everything”...because that’s the only way to live...being grateful for EVERYTHING!
*she fell broke her hip in 3 places and the pain and trauma had not been good in her heart...she’s had some tissue damage to Heart from some episodes and is not doing well. She’s continuing to make everyone laugh with her joyful and fun personality. She’s more young and happy inside, than most young people I know. yesterday she said, “I’d like to be 20 again, that’s a nice age”...❤️ I may have held her hand for a couple hours after she fell asleep, just watching her breathe and thanking God for letting me have her as my grandma and maybe crying a little...I love her beyond words❤️


🇺🇸HAPPY 4th OF JULY from me, my mama @theshannonjohnson & my sister @tiffanycmyers ...on this day years ago my mom & dad got married in the very town we celebrated in, too! And we walked in the parade in honor of my Grandpa ...it was a very special 4th of July!!!❤️🇺🇸💙


⭐️What an amazing day...
1️⃣Less than 24 hours in NYC. I got to wear these awesome “Unicorn Kandee Pants” that @michaelcostello made for me to wear on @livekellyandryan (@kellyripa & @ryanseacrest & my episode will air on Thursday, July 5th). 🍭👖...🤫@michaelcostello and I might be up to something with these pants!
2️⃣ An extra honor to be taping the show with some of my friends @larlarlee @rosannapansino @joeygraceffa @veronicamerrell @vanessamerrell
3️⃣ And I hung out in the green room with @50cent - who was on right before me!
⭐️Who would’ve thought I’d be getting to do amazing things like this when I uploaded my first video, almost 10 years ago. Please be encouraged because I couldn’t have imagined ANY of this in my future some years before that when I saw no hope in sight.
You can’t even imagine the blessings waiting in your future that YOU CAN’T SEE OR IMAGINE YET! Because I didn’t see, think or imagine any of this would ever happen to me! I love you guys and hope this encourages you!❤️🙏🏽