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The Katastwóf Karavan Playing around today with @thejasonmoran on the keys. In lieu of debuting P4 this weekend we are firing it up elsewhere in NY with an eye toward closing ceremonies in February


The Katastwóf Karavan will now be presented and performed at the END of Prospect 4 in New Orleans during a closing celebration from Feb 23-25 2018 #longstory #dontask


This ink on paper work of mine is up in the group show "Never Free to Rest" at #kurimanzuttogallery in #Mexicocity Great little understated show organized by @eungiej00 with Rodney Mcmillian @lynetteyiadomboakye Mark Bradford Charles Gaines and Julie Mehretu Love CDMX 🇲🇽


Ok Cleveland area peeps. A little proud auntie ad time. My neice @rachael.hannah.walker, a young personal trainer, health coach and sweetheart has opened a health-oriented shake and juice bar in Maple Heights and I encourage everyone in the area to check it out- I'm impressed at her desire to bring healthy outlooks and workout regimens to people in her community. More info below. #Repost @rachael.hannah.walker (@get_repost)
Happy Hour Nutrition is now open! Days and hours of operation are:
Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Happy Hour: Everything $1 off
M-F 4:30p-6:30p
Sat 12p-2p & 4:30p-6:30p

5247 Warrensville Center Road Maple Heights, OH 44137


Thank you to the folks at Harvard University for the Hutchins Center Honor - the W.E.B Du Bois Medal 🥇its crazy to share this honor with so many luminaries including Donna Brazile, head of Microsoft John W Thompson, Libriarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden, LL Cool J😱, filmmaker Ava DuVernay 😳, and Darren Walker from the Ford Foundation. #avaduvernay #llcoolj #carlahayden #fordfoundation #hutchinscenter #harvard #fullmoon

Harvard University

As in dreams every character and situation is a manifestation of the dreamers psyche. It always gives me pause when viewers assume that I, Kara, exist in this work most in the forms that are black and female- that they are my surrogates. But if "I" am in the work at all (not saying that i am) would I not just as much exist as the grave robber, the disemboweled man, the Cop, the tree stump, the charlatan and the snake? I mean I'm responsible for them, they are my thoughts and ideas.


My sketchbook MCMXCIX is out via Roma Publications and available at the Printed Matter Art Book Fair at PS1 this weekend. Here it is next to #Exarcheia_Athens by @ari_marcopoulos_official #printedmatter #nyabf17 #romapublications is the publisher, check @roma.publications website if you want to buy or @sikkemajenkins gallery


In the NYTimes. Roberta Smith gives a thumbs up. Thanks to the gazillion people who came last night amid all the gallery hopping and fashion night outing, I was there off and on. ✊🏾


#villagevoice today and two historical documents of past newspaper appearances #stocktonrecord courtesy of my cousin.


Paris. 9.2.17 my friend @ari_marcopoulos_official is opening his show "machine" at #galeriefrankelbaz its loud and diverse and chaotic and in love with humanity at its extremities. (That's me in there drawing on one screen) (also Nora Chipaumire is in there, Carmelo Anthony, Wiki, Ratking, Yellowtears, a whole host of friends and soon to be friends- and their kinetic energy)



This poster may be the show 😈 maybe not 💁🏾


One doesn't eclipse the other. Two books arrived today. @ari_marcopoulos_official HBA book and mine, a reproduction of one of my old sketchbooks. Titled "1999" published by #romapublications My book will be available through booksellers #dashwoodbooks and at #sikkemajenkins gallery in NY, as well as the Roma publications booth at the New York Art Book Fair at PS1 in mid Sept. #makingbooks #Repost @ari_marcopoulos_official (@get_repost)
In the mail today Kara's sketchbook by @roma.publications and my HBA book by @print_publication Then my show opening on 2nd in Paris Kara's on 7th in NYC.




Eclipse 2017!

Somewhere In Brooklyn

@_octa_ a few years ago checking out the Delacroix painting "the Death of Sardanapalus" from an apocryphal story about a decadent and slothful king in Assyria who, rather than submit to defeat, piled his riches and stuffed his concubines into a massive funeral pyre destroying all. It was a favorite subject among the Romantics.

Musee du Lourve Paris

Poster design courtesy of @jetset_experimental hustling on my behalf thanks to @ari_marcopoulos_official. The full "artists statement" is available as a link in my profile.


Call me. I have ideas for this.


It's a Long Title....
#Repost @sikkemajenkins (@get_repost)
Sikkema Jenkins and Co. is Compelled to present
The most Astounding and Important Painting show of the fall Art Show viewing season!

Collectors of Fine Art will Flock to see the latest Kara Walker offerings, and what is she offering but the Finest Selection of artworks by an African-American Living Woman Artist this side of the Mississippi. Modest collectors will find her prices reasonable, those of a heartier disposition will recognize Bargains! Scholars will study and debate the Historical Value and Intellectual Merits of Miss Walker’s Diversionary Tactics. Art Historians will wonder whether the work represents a Departure or a Continuum. Students of Color will eye her work suspiciously and exercise their free right to Culturally Annihilate her on social media. Parents will cover the eyes of innocent children. School Teachers will reexamine their art history curricula. Prestigious Academic Societies will withdraw their support, former husbands and former lovers will recoil in abject terror. Critics will shake their heads in bemused silence. Gallery Directors will wring their hands at the sight of throngs of the gallery-curious flooding the pavement outside. The Final President of the United States will visibly wince. Empires will fall, although which ones, only time will tell.
• Please join us for the Opening Reception on September 7, 6-8PM • Image: Kara Walker, detail, 2017. #sikkemajenkins #KaraWalker


Show coming up in NYC. Stay tuned.


Coming soon from #romapublications in collaboration with @ari_marcopoulos_official we're printing an edition of an old sketchbook of mine from 1999. Titled simply "MCMXCIX" its odd, intimate, unfiltered. It'll soon be available either through Roma Publications or wherever Idea Books are sold. https://www.romapublications.org/


Q: What happens next time there's a fire and no ones around to catch it before it spreads?


In dialogue and not at war. Bettye Saar work sitting over my print "No World" with my kiddo posed in front at the National Museum--

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

On faded fax paper two protest documents circulated by Artists against Negative Black Images, singling my work out for censure. These sheets slipped out of a book I was looking at yesterday and lo and behold it's been almost 20 years. I'm still thinking about caricature, folklore, history, nastiness, cruelty, irreverence, the limits of the flesh, the limits of skin, of experience and of language. I'm invested in art and it's impossibility and necessity and that's all I got to say right now. 😈👼🏾


Studio. Mood.


Figa from Brazil. A gift from @brentsikkema 💕


Keeping it together.


So nice I posted it twice. This has a few more pictures, plus that ubiquitous selfie. Having a great opening night outdoors with #athkids #error404 #destefoundation #hydra slaughterhouse. I spent a little time fielding questions about the untitled video I made for the event which was projected behind AthKids a crew of modern Athenians- strivers- on a theme of magical thinking, cultural loss, migration, death, and the sea. The slaughterhouse holds a relic of "the marvelous sugar baby" of 2014 plus a new work fabricated on site with local materials. In all I was happy with how the eve went down despite my fear of crowds.


Dramatic sunset, amazing turnout, Athens based #athkids outdid themselves @dennisgr33n started out the set followed by dj @josephmouzakitis and mc's @congopiink and @majincost who held their own. So proud to have met these guys with my friend @ari_marcopoulos_official and had the opportunity to see them live. #destefoundation #error404 #hydraslaughterhouse