Karishma Desai@karishmaadesaii

TTU 19 ❤️🔫

How am I going to finish school without you?! 😭💔 Piyu, thank you for the last 3 absolutely amazing years and for being my rock here in Lubbock. I'm so unbelievably proud of you 🎓❤️🎉


Sydney Liddell, BSN and soon to be bride 🎉🎓💍 couldn't be more proud of one of the best roommates ever ❤️ love you so much!


I can't describe how close we've become in the last 3 years, but I know I wouldn't trade you for anything and I can't imagine not living with you 💕 I love you so much Piyu! Happy 22nd birthday!! 🥂🎉 #feelin22


What. A. Weekend!!! If anyone would've told me 3 years ago that my potluck roommate and I would become best friends and get into med school together, I would've thought they're crazy. Here's to FINALLY getting to live together again ❤️🎉 you're just gonna have to get used to my love for basketball 😂 #wreckemforever #futureDrs


Brought in the new year w my best friends 💕🎉


First they're sour...then they're sweet 😋😍💕


Happy birthday Saiba! 🎉💕 love you so much and miss you even though I just saw you a few days ago! ❤️ enjoy love!


Mood 😄💕


Happy birthday mom! 💕 thank you for your unconditional love, boundless patience, amazing warmth and endless support ❤️ love you more than anything! 🎉 see you soon!


Garba part 2 💕


Bringing Houston (plus Joshna) to the 806 for garba 💕


To the best friend that I've known practically my entire life, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! 🎉 I love you more than you know and honestly, I'm living the dream in college with you and @pbhakta67 ❤️ i wouldn't have it any other way! Time to celebrate! 💕😊🍷🍾🍻 p.s. puberty did very good things to us 😂