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Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•⛰🧘🏾‍♂️⛰ • Big Buddha •

Tucked away in the mountains behind Hong Kong is this Majestic Buddha sitting atop a hill overlooking the beautiful village of Ngong Ping. Such a magical experience to have it all to myself in the morning.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•💧🧚🏾‍♂️✨• Carved and Cut •

The question I get asked the most on here is. What camera do you use? To answer this question once and for all, I made a little video detailing every single piece of gear in my camera bag. I also suggest what camera you should get depending at what level you find yourself on your photography journey. Click the link in my bio to get all that info and more.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•🎆🧘🏽‍♂️🌃• Neon Nights•

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been running around the streets of Hong Kong with @thewandertravels. The energy in this place is off the charts. I’ve had to adjust my sleep patterns and become a nocturnal animal just so I can get to experience the streets at night, lined with their vivid neon lights and LED signboards.
Also, my face has been thoroughly stuffed with fresh sea-food and noodles of all shapes and sizes. Easy to say, I’ve most definitely found my new favorite city in the world.
Thanks for giving us a bed to sleep in @kerryhotelhk Even though we hardly used it.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•🧘🏽‍♂️⛰💧• Spliggity Splash •

Only 133 days, 13 hours, 22 mins and 7 seconds until summer. Not like I’m counting or anything.
From an early summer adventure with @braybraywoowoo @thismattexists and @brendinkelly
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•🐉✨🌥• Ethereal Emerald •

I present to you, a moment of peace. Put your sound on, kick back and enjoy what it feels like to be underneath the dancing emerald skies of the Icelandic North-Coast.

From a time adventuring around Iceland with @h0rdur , @giuligartner And @joellefriend
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•🌴🚣🏾‍♂️🌥• Paddling on Paint •

This was one of those classic sleeper sunsets, one that waited until the last moment to show it’s true colors.Right before we packed up our gear to leave, the sky exploded giving us a show of a lifetime that left our jaws scraping the floor.
Pictured here is @Jamesrelfdyer paddling in circles in complete confusion because the light was too delicious for him to make a coherent thought. One of the many side effects of an absolute banger sunset.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•⛰✨💂🏾‍♀️• Heaven Hound •

Just hopped on a plane after the longest layover I’ve experienced ever. I roamed around the LAX airport for 16. Hours total. I napped for hours, watched every single episode of Narcos, edited a whole bunch of photos and then napped some more. Just boarded a flight to Hong Kong and I’m about to be on this plane for another 15 hours. Please send tips on how else to keep my brain busy, I could also use some podcast suggestions to hopefully make the time fly faster.
See you in a couple of hours.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•⛰✨🌊• Cut and Carved •

Hard to believe that places like this exist in real life. I don’t know how on earth Iceland fit all those crazy waterfalls and mountains all on one tiny island definitely one of my favorite places on earth.
Big thanks to @fosshotel For giving us a place to nap and u limited cappuccinos for edit sessions.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•⛰✨🏄🏾‍♂️• Slip 'n Slide •
Happy to say that I’m collaborating with @CanonUSA over the next couple of weeks to showcase the power of the #EOSRebelT7i. I snagged this shot a couple of days back in Hawaii. I pulled up with @thewandertravels @philngyn and @zeekyan before the sun came up. While we sat warming up in the cars, the clouds parted and painted the hills with this beautiful light. We were able to snag this shot despite the lowlight thanks to the #EOSRebelT7i’s sensor.
In order to get this shot, you have to arrive early before the gates open to drivers. I probably skated up and down this road more than 10 times in about the 5 minutes that the nice color lasted.
Swipe to see me kicking and pushing to catch the light.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•🕴🏾✨🌊• Creep and Crawl•

Over the last couple of days, the bleak weather and short sunless days in Iceland made me crave the warmth of French Polynesia. Is it already too early to be day-dreaming about being on the beach somewhere where it’s warm ?
Thanks for snagging this shot of me @tiffpenguin
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

• 🐉✨🌥• Dancing Dragons •

Instead of doing a 2018 story review, I delved into every single photo and video in my camera roll and cut together a super insane montage of my favorite moments of last year. The video was supposed to go live on the 1st of January but excuse the lateness as I got a little carried away reminiscing about the good times while editing . Check out the link in my bio if you want a casual little chuckle and you’re interested in what my year looked like.
These images were taken two days ago on probably my fav day this year yet. We spent hours driving around looking for openings in the clouds so we could set up for some night shots
and boy, were our efforts rewarded.

Jade dragons swept across the sky writhing hypnotically for 5 hours straight. All we could do was stare up at the night sky in amazement. If this is what 2019 is gonna look like, then I’m definitely sure it’s gonna be a good one. Big thanks to @h0rdur for hosting us magnificently and showing @joellefriend @giuligartner and I around your backyard. Looking forward to adventuring with you this summer.
Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!


Karl ‘Shakur’ N.

•⛰🕴🏾✨• Southwestern Summers •

I went for a walk yesterday to clear the mind. I kept going until I got to the ocean and just stood there for a short while listening to the sound of the waves lap again at the rocks. Came back to the hotel feeling like I had just woken up from a full night of rest.
Yesterday made me realize that It’s very important to take a mental break once in a while . Crazy what 30 minutes outside without your phone can do.
Now excuse me while I go run around the north of Iceland like a headless chicken looking for aurora.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!