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SCARSDALE BLUES The book coming soon‼️. Kik: ElleMentina


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Ellen Lomax Poet/Author

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Ellen Lomax Poet/Author

Ellen C. Lomax is a young woman from Harlem New York who has been surrounded and involved in the music and arts culture all her life. Her voice has been heard on platinum selling albums and all around the world throughout the years as she toured throughout the states and the better half of Europe. She has proven herself as a powerful, uplifting and inspiring voice for young women and young artist striving to find confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

Join her as she releases her first book entitled Scarsdale Blues‼️ this collection of poems display love from the prospective of those who have been heartbroken by those who break hearts because their hearts are broken.

Scarsdale Blues paint a picture of the many hues of pain that surrounds being loved by someone who has been hurt before.
The idea that hurt people go on to hurt people lends prospective and serves as an eye opener that some day we may all end up with scars and blues.


Ellen Lomax Poet/Author

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Ellen Lomax Poet/Author

Scarsdale Blues the book COMING SOON!!!!!


Ellen Lomax Poet/Author