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Looks like @munroebergdorf and the power of people coming together has done it again! This change has been a long time coming. Thank you @grindr - let’s hope what you have in store lives up to it’s name. #kindr > read full article: @i_d


Computer for women - BBC America ‘Look Around You’


Omg literally squealed with joy this is so exciting!! Can’t wait to pick up my copy of the @guardian this Saturday. It’s so wonderful to see such a major publication supporting independent magazines and championing women and non-binary people of colour like this. Long overdue if you ask me!

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Who’s ready for some exciting news!? This weekend we are doing a takeover of the #guardianweekend magazine! THAT’S RIGHT you heard it here first. We had the absolute pleasure of working with The Guardian team to produce this incredible issue where ALL the content is produced by women of colour and non binary people of colour. Featuring @michaelacoel @dinatokio @theslumflower, Diane Abbott and many more…


@nationalportraitgallery caught up with #BPPortrait Award artist Vanessa Garwood and her sitter, Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet, Francesca Hayward to find out how her #portrait came to be. ⠀

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