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Episode 3 of my series “Getting There” with theSkimm is out! Click the link to watch the full episode! #gettingtherewithkatie


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🎼Do you remember, the 21st of September?!🎼 Happy #Friday everyone! I’m going to have this song in my head all day! 😂 #earthwindandfire #21stofseptember #september #friyay


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Love these two! (and Brian of course!) @simondoonan and @jonathanadler join us as our first ever couple on the #podcast this week. We discuss how they met, how they stay inspired, and how they were both able to create incredible careers out of their passions (Simon started as a window dresser and Jonathan started as a potter!) Go and give it a listen, happy #thursday!!! ✨✨


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Just a little tune from me to you. Maybe this can become a regular musical interlude. (Btw for those of you who watch my stories, this isn’t the only thing I can play!) 😊❤️PS If you all like this song (I Will by the Beatles) the Alison Krauss version is fantastic...one of my all time favorites! I think there’s a dobro in it...listen and see if I’m right! 🎼


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Hi everyone! For today’s #WomenWednesday I am celebrating the four women currently training at @nasa for the chance to go on a mission to #Mars. While the mission is still at least 13 years away, these four cannot wait to get going. Meet Anne McClain, Nicole Aunapu Mann, Christina Hammock Koch, and Jessica Meir. Anne flew attack helicopters on the front lines of Iraq and has masters degrees in both international security and aerospace engineering. Nicole served multiple tours in Iraq flying fighter jets with the Marine Corps. Christina spent a year in the South Pole supercooling telescopes with 10,000 gallons of liquid helium. And Jessica has a Ph.D in marine biology and has experience diving under several feet of ice in Antarctica. (phew!!!!!😅)Women have been going to space since 1963, but these women are part of the FIRST NASA class where 50% of the astronauts are female. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️While the mission will be incredibly challenging - roundtrip it will take 2-3 years to complete and once landed, astronauts on #Mars will have to navigate giant dust storms, temperatures plummeting to - 284°F, and an atmosphere filled with cancer causing galactic radiation - these women are committed and fearless. Says McClain, “If we go to Mars, we’ll be representing our entire species in a place we’ve never been before. To me it’s the highest thing a human being can achieve.” My Sheroes !!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼#phenomenalwomen #astronauts #stemwomenrock #spacegirls #upupandaway 👩🏽‍🚀🌍☄️✨


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Congratulations @dosomething! You really have done something - 50,000 registered voters so far! So proud of all my new friends, and happy to help out with your efforts - make sure to check out my stories to find out how you can get involved. #dosomething #getoutthevote #midtermelections (I’m the weirdo in red 🤪)PS Do you remember the first time you voted? 🇺🇸


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I’ll never forget covering the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991 and watching Anita Hill comport herself with such grace and poise. In fact, I did one of her very first TV interviews, and once again was struck by her courage and dignity. In light of the current accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, here are a few things Anita points out today in her @nytimes piece:
- Our interest in the integrity of the Supreme Court and in eliminating sexual misconduct, especially in our public institutions, are entirely compatible. - A neutral investigative body with experience in these cases should investigate the incident and present its findings to the committee so they are more reliable and not perceived as tainted bipartisanship. She ends; “With the current heightened awareness of sexual violence comes heightened accountability for our representatives. To do better, the 2018 Senate Judiciary Committee must demonstrate a clear understanding that sexual violence is a social reality to which elected representatives must respond. A fair, neutral and well-thought-out course is the only way to approach Dr. Blasey and Judge Kavanaugh’s forthcoming testimony.” What are your thoughts? I want this to be a space for respectful conversation and I’d love to hear what you all are thinking. I hope to revisit this with you all following Monday’s testimony. #keeptalking 📹 @refinery29


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Good luck to the cast and crew of Flint at tonight’s @televisionacad #emmyawards !! I was so proud to be an executive producer on this movie which aired on @lifetimetv earlier this year. I’ll be thinking especially of the extraordinary Craig Zaden, an executive producer on this project, who passed away this August. #emmys


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Unreal. A look at the #tornado that blew through Hull Street in Midlothian, Virginia. One of several reported around the Chesterfield County area. Thinking of everyone in Virginia right now 🧡 📹: John Guth via @abc13_wset


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Alright, #monday — let’s do this! 💪🏼💪🏼 #mondaymotivation #ameliaearhart #doit


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Molner’s new Starbucks name. The barista’s comment? “I like it!” Looking for ideas for mine. My stripper name (First pet and street you grew up on) is Pansy Chesterbrook. (40th St doesn’t work so used the next one over.) If I waited for my second pet’s name—-a Maine Coon cat—it would be Spicy Woodstock. (The other street at the end of mine). Suggestions for my new Starbucks name are welcome. Molner had one idea from a Bond movie that I have nixed. #HappySunday PS feel free to share you stripper name with me if the mood strikes.


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Easy like Sunday morning. 🎤#coffeeonthebeach 🌞 ☕️ PS thinking about my friends due South in the Carolinas. 🙏🏻


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Here is #60seconds with @jvn - a little fun to get your #sunday started off right! 💛 #sundayfunday #bundleofjoy #jvn