Katie Andre@katiesbucketlist2018

My name is Katie and I am 16 years old! I have canine oral melanoma, I don't have much time left since it's very aggressive. This is my bucket list!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day from Katie! #administrativeprofessionalsday #imsosilly😂



Iz gloomy rainy day here in New Jersey. Momma wishes she can stay in bed wit me but she haz to work 😝 So me an Grover buddy will sleep all day together. 😴 Have a good day everypawdy! #rainraingoaway☔️ #dogsofnj❤️❤️❤️ #sleepalldaylong




Happy Pigs in a Blanket Day!!! Momma made me big one cause she said I'm a big piggie! I ate 2 of dem!
#pigsinablanket #nationalpigsinablanketday #imapiggie #yummalicious #woohoo #dogswithcancergettodowhatevertheywant #dogswithcancer🐾🐶💗 #canineoralmelanoma



Today is World Meningitis Day to raise awareness for all types of Meningitis and how serious it is. Be aware of the signs. Oddly enough it is one year this week that my momma was hospitalized with Meningitis and still suffers some symptoms from it. It was so terrible for her. So spread the word and be aware! #worldmeningitisday #viralmeningitis #meningitis #meningitisawareness



Feeling grateful for all the kindness and love to my Katie while we go through this cancer, you all make me feel like I'm not going through it alone. Every thought and kind word to her is appreciated more than you know. Every day seeing Katie sad breaks my heart. The bleeding every day, the coughing, seeing her gag on the tumor sometimes, having more trouble eating with the tumor in the way, her lymph nodes swelling, so hard to go through. But such kind people in this world. Katie and I are blessed with you all. Love to you all ~Katies momma
#kindness #truefriends #doglovers #petloversofinstagram #catlovers #dogswithcancer🐾🐶💗 #canineoralmelanoma


I gots a special package today from nasir_boerboel, my Instagram pupper fren! From fa fa away British Columbia, Canada! The mommy made dis special for me In orange for April Animal Cruelty Awareness month! Iz look beautiful in it! And it smells super dooper wondeeful!!!!! You wants one for your special pupper fren too? Go to www.nasir-zoie.com cus she makes all dem so pretty an bootiful an smell so pawsome! Thank you for all your kindness pupper free, I luvs you an your mommy! @nasir_boerboel @nasir_zoie
#bestestfriends #pupperbuddies #kindness #thankyousomuch


I getz mail today from my Instagram pupper friends Ginger an Pearl from Pennsylvania, who sent me my Grover snuggle buddy! They sent me a get well card wit pictures of dem for my bedroom! So I made tis special box wit their pictures on it so I can see dem all the time! Den I can put all my special tings on the box too for momma to have furever. I put it by my bed. I luv them super much!!!! 😘😘🐶🐶❤️❤️🐕🐕💙💙 @gingersnap_pearl #bestestfriends #pupperbuddies #thankyousomuch #kindness


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