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Happy girl ❤️ cosplayer (灬ºωº灬)♡子猫が好き♥️

Mondayyy ❤️ chilling evenjng gaming with boyfriend ❤️ Another pic drom the shoot with Project Eana, loved this shoot ❤️ Give Away in my FB page "Kinumi Cati Official"


Hope everybody had a nice weekend ❤️ Pic from my shoot with "Project Eana" ❤️
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Give Away Time!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hello everybody this time the give away is a Kawaii Lucky Bag with 15 products from Japan and Korea 😻 if you wanna participate and get a Lucky Bag for free go to my Facebook Page: "KinumiCatiOfficial" there you'll find a link to participate in the give away and I also have a review of Every Product on my website ❤️ GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!


OMG it is absurdly warm today in the Netherlands, rain come to me!!! 32 degrees is not doable 🍦


Sending love to everybody ❤️


Got a new haircut 😸


Back from my sudden Vacation ^^ had an amazing time and lots of fun :3 So now is time to go back to studying but also gaming ^^ I am playing a game I found on Steam like a month ago (Danganronpa) and I became kind of addicted 😹


I increased my "EXecution Points" to increase my "Level Of ViolencE" ❤️


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