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20 l Self taught artist 🎨
Otaku 🍜 Bleach biggest fan ^•^

#miasquad 👊👿
Hey guys!! I missed you so much! Hope you're all doing well ❤️
So about my new piece, Mia is like one of the coolest gamers ever! And she's giving away the most awesome mystery box and to win it I have to show that I'm in her squad so this is how I wanted to do it 🌝 actually this is my first complete digital work and even though it's not perfect but I'm really proud of it! 😍❤️ and I spend so much time on it! I hope you like it 😻 - #kayura_k


Finally finished this elven prince's drawing 🌚 hope you like it guys 👀💗 - #kayura_k


Hey guys!! How are you doing??🌚💖 here's a meesy sketch of an elf because I'm obsessed with elves 😻
I have some news for you guys ^^ in the past few days I decided to work on my own skills and stop using references for my drawings. I need to learn and practice anatomy stuff and I know it will take some time so I just wanted to tell you guys there's gonna be just my simple in progress sketches instead of big colorful posters, sorry if they don't look good enough 😿 - #kayura_k


#artvsartist here's me and my colorful friends! 😁 I spend so much time on coloring my drawings because I love that part! Blending, shading and using different art supplies in my piece bring me so much joy and fun hihi 😸😽 - #kayura_k


My Edward Eleric fan art is done! I really need some new art supplies but I'm totally broke right now! I gotta start saving money for new colored pencils and markers 🤕 - #kayura_k


Whoaa it's finally done! 😭💙 I'm so happy with the result 😅 and I enjoyed coloring the background so much hihi 😻 hope you like it minna san! 😊🙏
(Reference used, credit to original artist) - #kayura_k


I didn't have any drawings of Shiro chan with his longer hair look so here's my first 😻😜 I incredibly miss him 😿😿😿💔 - #kayura_k


Hey guys, just wanted to show you some close up pictures of my Aloy painting so you can see the details better! 😜❤️ - #kayura_k


So I added more details and shades and her sketch is complete now 😁 2nd seat of Elite 10 members, Rindo Kobayashi! hope you like it guys 😊😻 - #kayura_k


A black and white painting of L as a birthday gift to one of my friends I did a few days ago, I actually loved how it turned out 😄😊 hope you guys like it too 😉❤️ this week I was so busy I couldn't draw anything, sorry about that 😢🙏 - #kayura_k


Finished this Shokugeki no souma piece 😁🍱 I love this anime so much and most of the characters are my favorites 😻❤️ anyways hope you like it guys. ^o^ - #kayura_k


❄️ HEY THERE GUYS I'M BACK!! 😭💖 I am so sorry but I was really busy with my exams but I finally got rid of those nightmares 😢
Aaand I finished my Aloy painting last night!! I am so happy that it'sk
finally completed, I spent so much time on this one and I'm really loving it 😍😍💖💖 everything in this painting was a huge challenge for me so I hope you guys like it as much as I do 😊😙 Reference used - credit to original artist - #kayura_k


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