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BOOOOOOOK!!!!! Tis the season for my favorite movie of all time! And it was directed by one of my favorite people of all time @kennyortegablog !!! Thank you for always creating magic and being my biggest inspiration! Lucky to have you in my life! πŸ‘»β€οΈπŸŽƒ #thackerybinx #disney #disneychannel


THANK YOU @danceon ・・・
When you find the right person, every moment seems brighter. #DanceStoriesβ €
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Comment πŸ’• if you believe in soul mates!β €
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Directed/Choreographer/Concept: @kcmonnieβ €
Editor: @devinjamiesonβ €
Dancers: @kcmonnie, @morgannimalβ €
Music: "Lights Down Low" by @maxgschneiderβ €
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For the Dreamers. -
@morgannimal -
πŸŽ₯- @ryanparma -
β€œSleepwalking” by @iamclintonwashington -
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I'd rather be wild than not.
I'd rather be free than caught.
I'd rather take flight at chance and jump,
It would be worth the scrapes and bumps.
I'd rather go explore and get lost in the trees
I'd rather lay down with the stars and the breeze.
I'd rather feel brave getting wet than staying dry,
I'd rather paint with color, be bold and try.

I'd much rather be hugged than kissed on my lips,
I'd rather adventure and feel all the miss.
I'd completely be lost without all the heart,
I want to be liked and great with my start.
I'd rather get up, and move, than rest,
I'd rather believe to push my best.
I'd like to think, I say I'm great,
I'd like to know who has that trait.

I'd like to wish I know who I am,
Me and my and we and them.
I'd completely rather be wild than not,
I'd rather be free and jump than be caught.
-KC .
πŸ“Έ- @louise.flores


Sunday. #mullet


#gleelive - no caption needed.

Dublin, Ireland

I had the pleasure of choreographing @iamclintonwashington music video for his new song "Sleepwalking" such an epic time. @morgannimal .
πŸŽ₯- @ryanparma .
Produced by @danceon πŸ’™πŸ’œ- check out the full video on their YouTube page!!!
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