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Biz & Success Coach for The Professional Performing Artist. Become the CEO! Bye bye doubt, confusion & overwhelm. JOIN THE TRIBE!

You are a performer AND your birthright is abundance, joy and prosperity. They don’t cancel each other out. #thereisabetterway #nomorestarvingartists #permissiontoprosper


Your number one job in life is to develop and master your self confidence! This is where your power lives because from this place is where you connect with the spirit of God that lives within you.
All this old limiting conditioned beliefs that are fixed in your subconscious mind can be transformed through prayer, meditation and auto-suggestion. Remember success is repetition and persistence. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the Infinite.
You are enough right now!!!! Much love to you.


Happy Monday! Let’s get to know each other. I’ll go first. I am Keenah. I’m a business and success coach. I help professional performing artists become the CEO of their performing careers so that they book more work, make more money and do it on their terms.
My mission is to eradicate the starving artist syndrome once and for all so that supremely talented, well trained performers can break free of the feast or famine cycle and give themselves #permissiontoprosper. I’m ready to start a freakin revolution! Who’s with me?! Oh...and I’d love for you to Join the Thrive Tribe FB community. Link is in the bio.
Now it’s your turn😊. Please introduce yourself even if I know you. Maybe you can share one interesting fact that a lot of people don’t know. Can’t wait to read your responses. ❤️


I’ve been married for so long it’s hard to remember being called Keenah Reid but there it is.
This is in Denver with the Broadway Tour of Aida.
Side Note: my husband and I met doing this show in NYC first. We didn’t start dating until the tour and there was SOOOOOO MUUUUUCH DRAAAAAMA when we got together. 😂🤣😱


Period! Now.......Can we talk about something else?! How about?!.....let’s talk about you actually going for your BIG DREAMS? There are absolutely NO limits except for the ones you accept. Nothing is too big. Join the private FB community called The Thrive! Tribe to connect with other high vibe performers just like you. Link is in the bio. ❤️


What would you call this pic??? Leave a comment below. 👇🏾


Persistence, Passion & Dedication! ❤️


Did you know we are made of stardust?! I mean......come on....STARDUST?! How are we NOT magical.....of course we are. So DREAM BIG! Give yourself #permissiontoprosper and along your journey focus your attention on feeling REALLY GOOD in all that you do, every day! That is where the magic happens. Much Love


I am a business and success coach for professional performing artists.
I help visionary performers with a BIG DREAM learn how to become CEO’s of their careers.
FINALLY after so many weeks of stops and starts I am officially 3 days away from opening the cart for EMERGE! my 4 month group coaching program for NEW and EARLY STAGE professional performing artists.
It’s time for performers to give themselves #permissiontoprosper. It’s time for performers to harness their power and reclaim their artistry. It’s time for performers to step into their unique StarPower.
It’s time to live life on purpose and on YOUR terms.
Who’s ready for it?!?! Let me hear from you. 👇🏾


To become the butterfly you have to let go of being a catepillar.  Their needs are not the same.
I know the moment I gave myself permission to create the space to shed society’s, my family’s and my friends idea of who I should be and allow the real soul-driven me to soar I have seen my own inner butterfly flourish. Can you relate? Are you ready to soar, too?! Are you looking for a community of like minds instead of feeling like the lone wolf? I invite you to join the Thrive! Tribe. It’s a new and growing community of professional performing artists who have made the decision to live the BIGGEST most BADASS version of themselves The link IS in the bio.
You deserve to live life on purpose and on YOUR terms. ❤️


Sometimes the thing you need the most is to sit-down,  have a cup of coffee and DREAM!  Let that doing feminine energy flow through you so that you can take that next quantum leap.  If you push, push, push, go, go, go you will miss the little soft, quiet nudges telling you to turn left instead of right.


Hello my love! The ONLY permission needed is the permission you give YOURSELF! Permission to live life on purpose and on your terms! #permissiontoprosper
#nomorestarvingartists #dreamevenbigger


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