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Exist on your own terms! Not your mama’s, spouse, bff, mother in law, kids, the board of directors, choreographer, or your neighbor. Your terms.
Find your truth! Live your truth.
I know it’s not easy but what choice do you have? Continue living a lie? Or be free? You pick.
You deserve to live life on purpose and on YOUR terms! ❤️


#peaceandblessings I am watching a Bob Proctor live event where he talks about your goals. “A goals” are the things you can do in your sleep. They don’t change your life at all. “B goals” are goals that feel like a stretch and might move the needle a bit but not by much. “C goals” are goals that scare and challenge you and will change the course of your life forever.
We all have those big goals. My C goal is to help millions of performing artist step into their power & reclaim their artistry so that they can make A LOT more money and book more fulfilling work. I will help so many people that I am honored major awards around the world for my mission. It’s scary to know that’s my calling. It’s even scarier to tell you because that little voice in my head says “who are you? You’re nobody! Why would anyone listen to you, Keenah?” What’s your C goal?! #idareyoutobegreat #daretodreambig #prayerandmeditation #dareyoutoberich #declareit


There is NOTHING that guides me towards my goals and dreams more than having total freedom. Freedom with my time to do what I want when I want. And freedom with my money to make what I want, buy what I want, when I want.
My coaching business is to empower other performers to do exactly the same thing! Freedom is everything.
Try it on for size. How does freedom feel for you? What does freedom look like for you? Feels yummy doesn’t it?! Wanna know more about working with me? Send me a DM right here or type #hellyes in the comments below and I’ll be in touch. You MUST be serious and you MUST be ready for change. No lip service or excuses. ❤️


One of the universal laws is the law of gender. Understand how to play with the feminine-creative energy and the masculine-constant energy to support your performing career. This is key!
We’ve all been told that our training and technique are our foundation for success, right?! Well.....I’ma bout to challenge that idea by saying your training and technique go hand and hand with your natural talent and that is ALL a part of the creative feminine energy. Your true foundation is learning how to create a business foundation that SUPPORTS artistry. This foundational element is the masculine energy. In other words the constant.
In other words.....without this masculine foundation or”container” the creative energy can be super hard to manage and often times directionless. Because of its pure natural set of being it’s designed to flow.
Working smart not harder and use the two forces to your benefit. When you do, it can be such a beautiful dance. What do you think of the law gender? How do you use it in your life? Leave a comment below. ❤️


Let’s do this! Have a sexy, fun, productive, aligned, heart-centered day! ❤️


Sometimes I say to my thinking mind shut the f*ck up! You never stop talking.
Just shhhhhhh. Silence is a beautiful thang. #prayerandmeditation


One of the most important thing you can do for yourself is the access your personal power. So many of us walk around blaming other people and blaming situations for the reason life sucks. I know I did for suuuuuch a long time until I realized if I ever want to live life on purpose and on my terms I have to take 100% responsibly for myself, my joy and my life.
Selfcare is an essential element to that equation. I've learned that taking personal responsibility for how I feel is my number job in life. My go-to practice is always #prayerandmeditation. That is where I connect with my truth.
What's your truth? What are some of your self care practices? ❤️


Happy Friday, Y’all!!! Whatcha got going on this wknd? Any fun plans? It's gonna be 100+ degrees all weekend here in SoCal so I'll most likely be chillin at the pool and doing some dancing @atomicballroom. Leave a comment below telling me what you're planning to do. ❤️❤️


Happy 4th of July! God Bless America. 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏾


I love you! It's true. I may not know you personally but I know your heart. I know what you desire. I know your spirit. You're so so so talented and well trained. Your whole life has been about performing. Yet, you’re still broke and underemployed. Auditions are your kryptonite. You get into that room and......Crash and burn. Crash and burn. The nerves. The comparison. The self doubt. Then the self loathing kicks in because you KNOW you're better than that! You're meant to do this!!!!!! You've been told that your training is your foundation and you're quickly realizing it's not enough.
Then there are the #energyvampires sucking the effin’ life out of you. They constantly talk about how broke they are. How tired they are. How hard it is. How many survival jobs they have. Like it's some badge of honor.
Friends and family don't get it even though they're doing their best to support you.
It's draining, and you're so close to waving the white flag.
Did I hit it on the head? Did you just say get outta my head or am I the only one?
On this day I want you to know that you're loved beyond measure! You matter. Your goals, BIG DREAMS and desire matter.
PS. There is another way! Become the CEO of your performing career. Treat it like a business. Become the founder/CEO of ”You, Inc”. Join my FB community. Be amongst your people. ❤️


If you had to give this a title what would you call this? I'd call it Ascension. Your turn. ❤️


What word motivates or inspires you? My word is permission.
i picked it on 1/1/18 but it still remains my keyword and my driving force as I continue to follow my truth.
I remember when I was still performing I had a desire to live well AND perform. I wanted to live with ease and flow, artistry and a touch of luxury but that seemed so contrary to the rampant #starvingartist mindset surrounding me. I kept it as my little secret and made myself wrong for those desires. I was actually looking for permission to live that way. Permission outside of myself. Guess what. No one gave it to me.
I’ve had to learn to give it to myself. No matter what!
I now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you can have both. You can be a working professional performer, find joy, ease, purpose AND abundance. It's not magic. It’s permission! ♥️
It’s also clarity+faith+right action= desired outcome.

Man I wish I knew that when I was working on Broadway
You truly do deserve to live life on purpose and on YOUR TERMS!
So what's your word? Leave a comment below and tag a friend who needs to hear this message. 😘❤️